Races disappeared?

hello. if i failed to win a race - lets say i finished 4th - and dont restart race and go free roam, then race icon disappears for forever. i couldn’t manage to race again? it’s a bit annoying. any thoughts?thank you.

Do you have any video? Because it’s hard to believe that.

Check your settings when on the map. Because of all the different races, I use the (left button/right button) forget which one now, but it allows you to filter the icons shown on the map.

Make sure it is either showing All, or whatever that race type is. If you only have New selected, then yes, it will disappear until you change the filter. Also, if you are racing a series…and exit the series, it will not show the second and third races of those series.

Otherwise, it doesn’t care what place you finish. You can be dead last every time and it will still let you try again. You can always run it again in the same car, different car, different class. The races in a series are still regular races that are otherwise accessible.

Perhaps if you are new, and those races have not been made available to you yet, it may disappear…but it will still show up to you if you run that race series again. But I would start with checking the map filter first.

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thank you so much. i’ve solved my problem. but i couldn’t manage to delete the topic. can you help me to delete this topic pls?