Races completed in seasonal championships are marked as new on the map

Spent an hour looking through threads and can’t seem to find any answers for this. According to the accolades menu, I have almost every single road race complete minus 2 or 3. Almost all of these races were done within seasonal championships, yet on the map they are still mark “new”. If I hover over it, the trophy is gold (because I won the race during a championship), but the map icon makes it look as if I haven’t ever done the race. Is this meant to be this way? Do they expect you to go through and still do the race for it to be considered “won”? If so, why does doing it within a seasonal event result in accolades and trophies for the events?

Yes, it is meant to be that way.

For a race to be considered fully complete within the context of an accolade, you need to start the race in SOLO and not use any blueprints.

If you use blueprints or complete the race in a championship, it doesn’t count.