Race winnings against unbeatables should be much higher imho

Jus ran the colossus. 52 and some change for an Unbeatable win, 49 and some change for a highly skilled one. That’s pretty weak imho and definitely not worth the hassle. :confused:

Hence why I race on Expert. AI doesn’t cheat as much and my obviously uncompetitive builds can still win.

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Unbeatable is the only good looking AI for me. I started H4 with easy ones and it looked like all game is rigged. With unbeatable everything is fine and winning is relatively easy according to its name. It’s not about money but about feeling :smiley:

Unbeatable isn’t hard as long as you stay on dry road and any race is longer than 3km… Try to deal with it in dirt series or country with rainy weather. Hf haha

Race lenght could be a problem because as always AI starts faster, then it’s real and on the end the slow down a lot. I play mostly tarmac so I am not sure about dirt/cc but rain/snow on tarmac is like dry tarmac which is good.

Goliath pays well… I just do that. Well I have 999 maxed out credits, but its worth it for ranking as well.

I’m not talking about the difficulty affecting me really. I win nearly every race against these unbeatable fools. I just feel like the winnings scale is a lil off. 3k credit increase at max difficulty is really weak.

That’s good because new players will get almost the same. If you enable full rewards, then it’s better.

for me its a 50/50 chance with un beatable. i loss many of races with ai shoving me off the road… but other times i out right win,

I do find it weird when people complain that the AI shove them off the road. That literally never happens to me in a single player race. At worst, the AI break stupidly late on the inside line in corners to block me off but I can’t recall ever been shoved off the track.

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from Difficulty, Assists and Drivatars on support.forzamotorsport.com.

Basically, if you are playing online and have fresh ‘cloud downloaded’ drivatars, if GreenZombie76 pushes you off the road, its because that guy is a cretin who pushes people off the road and the drivatar emulates his behaviour.

But, if you play mostly offline, then your Drivatar lineup is mostly populated from your friends list. Who must be wholesome people who just can’t corner well.

I have played Ranked Online Adventure. And even my Drivatars now push me out at waypoints in solo races. Seriously, it’s a thing.

That quote claims that drivatars are based on learned data from real players, but is it actually true? Perhaps it was true when that was written, but is it still? I ask because it seems to me all the AI behave in the same sort of ways, no matter whose name is nominally associated with it. And suspiciously, when you change drivatar difficulty and it tells you it is downloading new ones, it does this in an absolute flash, very rapidly, which suggests to me it isn’t actually downloading anything at all. Far quicker than it downloads any tune or paint. Perhaps the data really is tiny. Perhaps there genuinely is saved data for the driving characteristics of millions of real players stored on Forza’s servers. But I suspect there isn’t and the AI we get now is purely synthetic, and the real player names are just for show.

I mean, I have some players I am following to race their ghosts in trials, some of the best players in the world, and if you would believe the above, they are prone to braking really early for corners, braking in the middle of straights, all the usual stupid stuff we see drivatars do. No I don’t think so. And really the best players should only be associated with the high difficulty drivatars. Casual players should be the medium difficulty and complete novices should be the ‘new racer’ ones. But no matter what difficulty you select, you get the same names. Does that make sense… no of course it doesn’t.

I have been shoved off the track a few times by Ai, but I’m not complaining. Programming realistic Ai is hard anyway, that’s why The Terminator hasn’t happened yet…lol.

I think whether or not you are playing online (by which I assume you mean Horizon Life), your opponents in single player will be drivatars of friends.

I do now have quite a few FH4 playing friends who populate my races but that’s not always been the case and, even when the single player races were completed with randoms, I can never recall getting pushed around checkpoints. If anything, my main issue with the drivatars is that they are too similar - I can’t obviously notice any difference between any of the drivatars behaviour.

I have never seen off-road stuff too. My drivatars are calm and OK. They don’t hold racing lines but it’s normal in all Forzas. In trials it’s a bit different but network syncing for 6 players must be pretty hard.

But I love randomness of races because physics looks very similar for me and them (not every time) so if I go fast and behind anybody, we both go out of track. Random crashes are pretty cool too, looks like playing against people but without ramming.

Most y’all are totally missing the point. I wasn’t complaining about how difficult the unbeatables are cos they’re not. I can beat them pretty easily, or at the very least earn a 2nd place every time. My point is that the winnings scale is a bit weak. A 3k bump from highly skilled to unbeatable just isn’t worth the hassle that unbeatable can dish out. Especially in track toys. Idk what’s going on there, but those drivatars are absolutely awful. They’re DEFINITELY intentionally ramming in that class. I’ll be mid-pass and look in my mirror to watch them side swiping me. Annoying, but not difficult.