Race to make the most money

In forza 6 I did the 50 lap Nurburgring full with some good mods on and got around 20,000,000 credits. Is that still thing. I just got the game.

You can do 1000 laps now if you want to. The payout for 50 laps is not as much as in FM6 but still worth it with good mods.

Let me know what the pay out is?

Buy enough crates to get three mods that pay 90% or 100%. Tune the aero and gearing on an IndyCar to go about 250 MPH. Do as many laps around Daytona as you can handle with the AI skill set to 100%. Easy money and you’re so much faster than the AI you don’t really have to pay much attention to the race. You’ll pull over a million credits an hour this way. Super boring though.

For fewer credits, although still a decent payout, run the classic LeMans circuit in the Early Prototype Racers division. My favorite to drive is the MB-Sauber because it’s fast and relatively easy to handle with the 787B not far behind. The Porsche 962 is also really fast here, but more difficult to handle.

Last, if you can get a good tune on the Renault F1 car, it’s easy credits everywhere because the AI is terrible with it. Many tracks where they just fly off the side for no apparent reason.