[Race Replicas & Originals] SpeedDemon's FH4 Designs & Replicas: Starting over - see post #20

Hey y’all, just like the previous installations, this is where all of my paints I have to offer in Horizon 4 will be.

Design catalog

1969 Yenko Camaro in Huggar Orange

1969 Yenko Camaro in Lemans Blue

1969 Yenko Camaro in Daytona Yellow

1969 Yenko Camaro in Olympic Gold

1969 Yenko Camaro in Fathom Green

1969 Yenko Camaro in Rallye Green

Big Red Camaro

Big Red Camaro Z28

#76 Torana A9X

#7 Monaro GTS 350

50th anniversary LeMans win ZR1


Mopar Viper

#42 RealTime Racing NSX

Colin McRae Vision WRX

Spn Sports S2000

S15 Silvia Mona Lisa

Group B RS200 rally car

Mini JCW Challenge

458 Challenge

Drag Pak 426

Drag Pak 354

A-Team GMC

Cherry Bomb F100



Baja Herbie

1971 #6 Penske-Donohue AMC Javelin

1969 Indianapolis 500 pace car

#8 Mantella Autosport Z28.R

Santa’s new sleigh

Tommi Makinen Racing Evo 6

Tommi Makinen Edition Evo 6

Chevy Colorado race truck

Detriot Speed Yenko Camaro

Titan Motorsports Supra drag car



Alright y’all, here is the first batch of designs, some were updated slightly to correct any imperfections.
( ) - filename

1969 Yenko Camaro in Huggar Orange (Yenko Camaro 1)

1969 Yenko Camaro in Lemans Blue (Yenko Camaro 2)

1969 Yenko Camaro in Daytona Yellow (Yenko Camaro 3)

1969 Yenko Camaro in Olympic Gold (Yenko Camaro 4)

1969 Yenko Camaro in Fathom Green (Yenko Camaro 5)

1969 Yenko Camaro in Rallye Green (Yenko Camaro 6)

1969 Big Red Camaro (Big Red Camaro) - Must use HRE C100s for best look

2015 Chevy Camaro Z28 “Big Red Camaro” ('15 Big Red Z28) - Must use HRE C100s for best look

1977 #76 Holden Torana A9X (#76 Torana A9X)

1973 #7 Holden Monaro GTS 350 (Bob Jane Monaro)

"50th anniversary of Corvette’s win at LeMans" 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1 (50th anniv LeMan)

2000 Ford Mustang Cobra.R (Cobra.R) - just a simple race design

2013 Dodge/SRT Viper “Mopar” (Mopar Viper)

#42 RealTime Racing NSX (#42 RealTime NSX) - Works with widebody kit

2005 Subaru WRX “Colin McRae Vision” (ColinMcRaeVision) - Use only stock or race front bumper otherwise placement will be off

Spoon Sports Honda S2000 (Spoon Sports S2k)

Han’s Nissan S15 Silvia “Mona Lisa” (Han’s S15 Silvia) - Must use INGS front bumper, CWest rear bumper, Trials side skirt, and Trials wing for best look)

1985 #8 Ford RS200 Group B rally car (RS200 rally car)

2008 Mini Cooper JCW Challenge (Cooper Challenge) - design is for 2012 Mini JCW GP

First Batch continued in next post

Some logos you could clean up but all in all I’d say good job all around. There are definitely some big winners in there and I think I’m gonna go get one of your Yenko Camaro liveries. In the Horizon series I’m a big fan of cars with custom liveries that look like they might still be driven on the street. Your collection has quite a few of these street inspired designs, definitely going to keep an eye on this page.

First Batch (continued)

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge (458 Challenge)

2016 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 426 ('16 Drag Pak 426) - design is for '15 Hellcat Challenger

2016 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 354 ('16 Drag Pak 354) - design is for '15 Hellcat Challenger

A-Team GMC Vandura (A-Team GMC) - Use HRE C109s, street bumpers and wing for best look

Cherry Bomb Ford F100 (Cherry Bomb F100)

Lamborghini Aventador “Batventador” (Batventador) - design is for 2011 Aventador; will work with widebody kit. Thumbnail pic will look glossy, but it’s matte

Herbie (Herbie)

Herbie baja version (Baja Herbie)

I’ve got a few car designs based on race and rally cars some unique now completed and a few in progress. Look me up and have a scan through. Subaru 22b both 555 and Subaru star designs of Collin M rally cars both blue and red Nismo GTR r33 and pink JGTC race cars, RB RX-7 also available plus many more. Focus RS rally martini nearly finished but is available. Any requests if possible from a full car to a design that you want. Existing designs I can either put your name on it or change race number even change colours I will be happy to oblige.

Thanks Ace, I try my best!

No offense and not trying to sound mean, but you’ll better luck of posting that in your own thread; plus trying to promote your stuff in someone else’s paint thread is a bit scummy

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Here are a few more designs I have recently shared
( ) - filename

  • 1971 #6 Penske-Donohue AMC Javelin AMX (#6 AMC Javelin)

  • 1969 Chevy Camaro Indianapolis 500 pace car (Indy pace car)

  • 2015 #8 Mantella Autosport Camaro Z28.R (#8 Gulf Z/28.R)

More to come…

Kudos on the yenko

All look really good

@Hotrod King87 Thanks for the comments

Hey y’all, I have an annoucement to make, because I was busy with work and the technical training classes over the last month; I am pleased to let y’all know that I have at least 2 designs in the works: one for the Colorado and other for the Toyota Baja T100. Right now i’m currently finishing up the concept for them (making slight changes here and there) and hopefully if nothing else pops up, i should have them up by next month (hopefully).

Also the reason why I haven’t been active in the painting scene lately, was more so due the new sharefront system. I’m lucky enough to get at least 1 download per day from my current inventory

I feel ya on the sharefront my dude. Hope you don’t quit though because you have some awesome stuff in the last batch. A big fan of the Rebel Challenger, good job on making it look like the metal is being peeled away.

What’s up y’all! I know it’s been a while since my last update about my latest works in progress, but with school for my Toyota certified technician training being my top priority since October, leaving hardly any time to work on my designs; especially the school part which required me to travel to and back from North Carolina every other week and attend classes 3 days of each week. But now that it’s wrapped up, me now being an official Toyota certified technician, I can relax a bit and get back on my projects.

Now onto the new designs just uploaded and shared: there’s only one this time and it’s related to this Christmas season…
Also look closely at the pics below and see if you can find a little easter egg :wink:
( ) - filename

  • Santa’s new ride: '15 Camaro Z28 (Santa’a Sleigh)

More designs are coming soon

Hey congrats on becming a certified technician! Love your designs man!

I think I might know the Easter egg. Does it have to do with the driver of this car, everyone’s favorite person in winter…


Yenko Camaro’s are awesome.

Thanks for the comments so far

Hey y’all, now that Mitsubishi is back, I’m happy to say so are my Tommi Makinen Evo 6 designs! Also I have some more designs coming including: Colorado ZR2, Toyota Baja T100, and Silverado, currently working on the logos i want to use.
( ) - filename

  • Tommi Makinen Racing Evo 6 (TMR Evo 6) - First front bumper upgrade must be used for perfect look

  • Tommi Makinen Edition Evo 6 (TME Evo 6) - First front bumper upgrade must be used for perfect look

Hey everyone, back from the dead. I know it’s been almost a year since I shared my last works, just been busy with work and completely forgetting about my liveries. But I’m proud to say i’m back and trying to get back in the game, currently working on bringing over several vinyl groups from FM4 to FH4 (not actually transferring but breaking down each vinyl group to individual shapes, and using those numbers for recreating logos in FH4). Right now i have 3 latest additions to my gallery, up for sharing.

  • Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 race truck ( Chevy race truck)

  • Detriot Speed black and gold '69 Yenko Camaro ( Detriot Spd Ynko)

  • Titan Motorsports Toyota Supra drag car ( Titan MS Supra)

Hey y’all, I know I’m not as active on here as much as most (mainly due to work), but i am still working on my livery projects. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about, last week the Forza team announced a new policy regarding a certain flag (not saying the name of it, don’t wanna get in too much heat here), and essentially I got hit a 7-day ban for one of my designs, and it was instantaneous (no warning what so ever). As a result i had all of my designs, vinyl groups, tunes, and blueprints taken down (all stats reset), and the only solution was to make new copies of them and re-share them.
I’m not trying to beg or anything, just asking for a hand in helping me out to get my stuff back out there; again not forcing you or anyone, it’s completely your call. And believe me I was kinda ticked off when i saw that ban message, more so because the ban was instant and never given a chance to resolve any issues to prevent it from happening. Gotta love the PC culture we live in now.

Below are what i have up right now, I did make some minor improvements to some of them (pics of them in first 2 posts of thread)

Current design lineup and share codes

  • '69 Yenko Camaro in Huggar Orange - 967 408 450

  • '69 Yenko Camaro in Lemans Blue - 150 812 020

  • '69 Yenko Camaro in Daytona Yellow - 924 390 377

  • '69 Yenko Camaro in Olympic Gold - 152 037 128

  • '69 Yenko Camaro in Fathom Green - 482 532 875

  • '69 Yenko Camaro in Rallye Green - 634 935 405

  • Detroit Speed Yenko Camaro - 138 195 152

  • 1969 Indianapolis 500 pace car - 155 534 526

  • Big Red Camaro - 332 340 677

  • #6 Penske-Donohue AMC Javelin AMX - 148 066 010

  • 2015 Camaro Z28 “Big Red” - 262 344 631

  • #8 Mantella Autosport Gulf Z/28.R - 552 036 600

  • “50th anniversary corvette LeMans win” ZR1 - 433 718 486

  • Ford RS200 group B rally car - 107 623 351

  • Titan Motorsports Supra drag car - 137 209 276

  • Colin McRae Vision WRX - 665 334 342

  • 2017 Chevy Colorado custom off-road race truck - 162 789 399

  • 2013 Dodge Viper “Mopar” - 596 856 878

  • 2016 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 354 - 292 588 713

  • 2016 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 426 - 105 057 613

  • Bob Jane’s '73 #7 Holden Monaro GTS - 115 152 960

  • John Harvey’s '77 #7 Holden Torana A9X - 914 241 592

  • Spn Sports S2000 - 409 378 620

  • 2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge - 130 097 991

  • Han’s Nissan S15 Silvia “Mona Lisa” - 169 164 164

  • 2008 Mini Cooper JCW Challenge - 128 777 527

  • A-Team GMC van - 247 832 076

  • Custom 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra.R - 410 368 099

  • RealTime Racing #42 NSX race car - 534 141 455

  • Batventador - 975 878 634

  • Tommi Makinen Edition Evo 6 - 112 329 362

  • Tommi Makinen Racing Evo 6 rally car - 980 943 852

  • Cherry Bomb F-100 - 159 743 407

  • Herbie - 627 195 673

  • Baja Herbie - 111 848 092