[Race Replicas and Originals] four cam tbird's livery gallery - updated with old school NASCARs

Week 13 Turn 10 Select - 1971 Plymouth Cuda - Swede Savage Trans Am as raced at Mid Ohio in 1970

Note, also have this shared as Dan Gurney’s 48, Swede in 48 as raced at Bridgehampton, Swede as a general representation that matches a few races mid season and a couple that have been used in the seasonedgamers.com Trans Am league with different numbers

Week 14 Turn 10 Select - Mercury #15 Whistler Cougar - Dorsey Schroeder 1996 Trans Am

This livery is also shared on a few of the Mustangs and even a couple Camaros

Week 15 Turn 10 Select - 1990 Camaro - original design sponsored by Dynomax

This can also be found on the newer Camaro SS. There’s a variation of this that is on the GNX, the old school Fiesta, and some other things I know I’m forgetting

Week 16 Turn 10 Select - 1971 AMC Javelin - Texaco sponsored Trans Am styled Javelin. Update on an old livery for use in the weekly contest. Was actually what I made the Texaco and 28 for in a prior seasoned gamers TA season

Week 17 Turn 10 Select - 2017 Ford #17 Shell V-Power Racing Team Falcon FG X - Miller Welders original livery variation of livery created for a 2old4forza league. Great livery to go with the Welder driver gear!

Week 18 Turn 10 Select - 2017 Ford Focus RS - Traxxas original livery in CTSC style

There’s a variation of this on many cars including the GT350, Veloster, 08 M3, Polaris and Ford Trophy Truck, Raptors, Formula Mazda, Mountain Dew Chevy NASCAR, 2000 Silvia, #17 Ford V8SC, M1 Procar, 94 Miata, 16 CTS-V, BRZ, IDx, Raptors, Ram Runners, Nissan Titan, IROC Camaro and a couple others. Some cars also have a variation where the red stripes are also done in blue and or green. The IROC actually has the red done in orange instead.

Week 19 Turn 10 Select - 1970 Chevy Chevelle - Comp Cams sponsored original livery

Also shared as 31. In addition to the below Javelin, I have a 70 Camaro shared with a similar Comp Cams livery

Week 20 Turn 10 Select - 1969 Pontiac Firebird - Banner Engineering Grand Am livery with a retro Trans Am twist to the era of the car

There’s some variation of this and the inverted yellow and black on most Pontiacs

Week 22 Turn 10 Select - 1970 Mercury Cougar - the Mark Martin 95 Brickyard inspired Cougar that was previously posted below with Bud Moore’s 15 and the Bud Moore Engineering and Team Cougar logos added

Week 23 Turn 10 Select - 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - sponsored by Earl’s Performance Plumbing with a recreation of the Boss 302 stripe to give it a factory Trans Am car feel

Week 27 Turn 10 Select - 2016 Ford Mustang GT350R - replica of Kohr Motorsports 2017 CTSC Daytona pole winning car

Also shared on the 2015 Mustang GT.

Week 28 Turn 10 Select - 2012 Audi TTS - original design sponsored by Total Oil done for a seasoned gamers.com league

Week 30 Turn 10 Select - 2016 Cadillac CTS-V - mostly a replica of the Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac DPi adapted on to the road car, names replaced by Jordan Taylor’s social media alter ego and his hero and decal details switched to CTSC GS style. Number fitting of the drivers rather than the 10.

I have something similar shared on the CTS-V coupe if Turn 10 ever deems us worthy of having it unlocked in FM7.

2016 Mercedes AMG C63 - Petronas Syntium based on a DTM car driven by Juncadella with number plate and decals for a seasoned gamers league.

2014 BMW M4 - based on Joey Hand DTM car created for a seasoned gamers league

1965 Ford Mustang GT - original Hurst livery done as a Trans Am car

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra R - original Flowmaster livery in early 90s Trans Am style, on a bit of a Mustang roll here

1966 Chevrolet Nova - Mobiloil retro Trans Am themed twist to a car Tony Stewart drove in 2016

There’s a blue winged version of this as well as Mobil gas version and a few different numbers. Also a version on the Formula Mazda and maybe a couple other things.

2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 - Border Patrol replica

I originally made this on the Raptor in FM5 and since FM5 it is probably my most used livery across all Forzas. It is still shared on the Raptor and the newer Raptors and most other trucks in the game including things like the Escalade

1971 AMC Javelin - original design Comp Cams in Trans Am style

Also shared as #25

1965 Ford Mustang - original design sponsored by Earl’s AN plumbing in Trans Am style

I have some variation of Earl’s livery on more cars than I can list

1970 Chevrolet Camaro - it isn’t truly original but it isn’t a replica. Inspired by Chaparral TA Camaros. Sponsored by Gulf.

1969 Pontiac Trans Am - another heavily inspired design. Basically a Greenwood Corvette livery.

1969 Trans Am -heavily inspired by a Royal Pontiac drag car, done as a Trans Am car

Mercury Cougar - Valvoline livery heavily inspired by Mark Martin’s 1995 Brickyard 400 car. I backdated the Valvoline logos and colors to the period of the car and gave it the decals of a Trans Am car. I used Holman Moody as the team which is a fantasy thing. Bud Moore was the NASCAR team that did the Mercury and later Ford TA stuff. I’m working on making the Bud Moore Engineering and Team Cougar logos that I would use to replace the Competition Proven and Holman Moody logos.

This livery is also done on both the 65 Mustang and Boss 302 in various numbers. I accidentally killed my copy of the #6 on the Boss 302 in FM6 when creating one of the other numbered versions for someone and haven’t recreated that one.
I also have this livery done in the original 95 colors and logos on the #22 Duralast NASCAR. Not an exact replica as I need to expand my NASCAR contingency library and it has some extra decals needed for a league I’m using it in.

1965 Ford Mustang - Texaco sponsored, Davey Allison inspired livery with Texaco branding back dated to car and Trans Am decals. Done for someone on seasoned gamers

1969 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds 442 - Based on a car Cecil Gordon drove in the late 70’s. Not a full on replica contingency wise nor the hood and the difference in car shape drove some adjustment to the execution of the gold portion. Car was done for the seasonedgamers.com vintage stock car series.

1969 GTO Judge - Based on Buddy Bakers famous Grey Ghost. Not a full on replica contingency wise. Another car for the vintage stock car series.

1967 Dodge Coronet WO23 - Based on the Mario Rossi owned Charger 500 driven by Bobby Allison with a number change for the driver using it in the vintage stock car series, contingencies not all representative. There will be a replica version of this coming on the 69 Charger but I don’t have all the contingency decals completed yet.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle - based on a car driven by Jim Hurtubise with a number change for the league driver and using whatever contingencies I had already.

1965 Pontiac GTO - Done for the Vintage Stock car series, inspired by Johnny Beauchamp’s 1961 Daytona 500 car. I’ll probably do a full replica with the 73 on a 64 Chevy at some point.

1971 Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi - Another car for seasoned gamers vintage stock car. Based on a Charger 500 that was driver by Dave Marcis.

This will be updated frequently in the coming days as I get time to add more from imgur and get old photobucket photos moved to imgur.

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Thanks so much for sharing your work four cam tbird. I just picked up your Dan Gurney/Swede Savage liveries as I have been trying to get as much vintage Dan Gurney liveries as possible. He was one of my childhood heroes. Thanks again!

I have the 1967 LeMans winning livery shared on all versions of the Ford GT40/Ford GT. Call me biased but I like my rendition of it on the latest Ford GT better than Ford’s Heritage edition version. Though I’m still excited they made a heritage edition of that car. The 1967 win is my favorite of the GT40 wins and I feel it is generally the least appreciated. The 66 being the first and the Gulf livery just having become so iconic. The 67 car seems to get lost in the background to me.

I may do another version of the Gurney Cuda here soon. When I first did those cars, including the Gurney version, I missed the detail that the game paints the bumpers and the race cars had chrome bumpers. The newer versions have the chrome bumpers. I need to redo Dan’s car with the chrome bumpers. I think I’m going to do his Riverside car as that was his final TA race. Although it only has the yellow/orange/red in front of the hood and not actually on the hood.

Added a few more liveries to the bottom of the OP.

Love this one, nice work

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Thanks, the guy I painted it for to use in the Seasoned Gamers Trans AM league asked for something blue and orange. I started looking around for inspiration and found some Mclaren Can Am cars that were orange with blue and Gulf sponsorship without using the light blue on the classic Gulf livery.

The two Trans Ams were similar. One guy wanted something that screamed America! and the other was looking for something Red and Black.

The Miller car was for a league too. The guy that used it was talking about coordinating his driver suit to the livery. He was using the Welder driver suit and I was like, hold on, I’ve got the perfect idea for you!

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You are an absolutely beautiful person.

Thanks for the designs. Gurney’s Cuda was one of the first I’ve downloaded in Forza 7. Impressive skill all around!

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For those looking for Dan Gurney, I just shared the Cuda with all decals as they were in his last Trans Am race at Riverside. This has proper chrome bumpers, the stripes only in front of the hood, not on it. A slight correction to the numbers. A Bell decal that is new to my library is also there.

What I wouldn’t give to have an actual AAR in the game so I didn’t have to work around the features of the 71 car and the Hemi shaker.

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A couple of new designs added to the OP since the last bump. Couple of Turn 10 selects of things that were already posted. Also, I frequently mention on the 60’s-70’s cars that I did them in Trans Am style for the league on seasoned gamers. We will be starting up a new season of historic Trans Am on seasoned gamers in a few weeks. If anyone is interested here are a couple links. If you sign up for the forum drop a post and I will make sure you get approved to post on the forum by a mod. And if you sign up and need a paint for the league, you know who to talk to :slight_smile: I do quite a few things by specific request, some by I want these colors and some by I don’t care what you do.

Sign up thread:

Additional procedural info:

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I put up an improved version of the Miller Welders V8SC for the livery contest last week and it is shown near the top of the OP with my Turn 10 Selects.

I’ve added a picture of a representative of my Traxxas livery. I have that livery shared on a bunch of cars/trucks, most of which are listed under the pic. The Traxxas livery is typically reserved for late model cars so different than the pics I’ve been putting in here that have been predominantly muscle cars.

A couple new things in the OP. Intended on entering this in the livery contest this week but it is still a work in progress.

It is shared on the CTS-V Coupe, LOL, like that’s doing anyone any good.

In my playthrough you have a special place. Both my 1st and 700th cars were 1971 Cudas - the 1st was Gurney’s repainted to Swede’s and the 700th was your Riverside Gurney.

When it comes to these cars you’re easily one of my go-to designers. Many thanks!

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Yaco Racing Camaro ZL1 GT3 ( ADAC GT Masters ) Forza Edition

Updated Mobiloil Nova, Border Patrol Truck, Earl’s Boss 302 and an updated version of the Valvoline Cougar added to the OP.

Kohr Motorsports CTSC replica GT350R, Joey Hand DTM based M4, and a couple of original period Trans Am styled Mustangs have been added to the OP since my last bump.

Hey four cam,

Really love your Trans Am-inspired paints. I especially like the Comp Cams #30 on the Javelin. Very clean! I’ve picked up a number of these.

Thanks for all your work!


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Love the new M4!

I’ll probably get the Mustang livery as well.

In your opinion, are the Compomotive minilites better than the Rotiform ones for the Trans Am cars? Because none of them look exactly the same as the actual Minilite wheels of the period, but both Compomotive and Rotiform actually have exact (or nearly exact) replicas in their real life catalog. Unfortunately, I found the particular wheel in the game to be a poor choice on Turn 10’s part.

Usually, Turn 10’s FE cars use Rotiform MLW wheels instead of the Compomotives (Boss 302 FE for example), but they still feel a bit wrong IMO.

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Snowman, glad you like the Comp cars. I did the Comp logo for a contingency decal to a high level of accuracy. I put so much time into it that i had to feature it on some cars. Only ever using it as a tiny contingency decal with the time I put into making it nice would be a waste.


Thanks on the M4, that did turn out really good if I do say so myself. It is shared with a 71 as well but it seemed to import from FM6 poorly and I had to fix things that didn’t line up before when I looked at it to make a version for the livery contest. The actual Joey Hand car had Exide on the side instead of Samsung but I did it as a league request more than a replica so some liberty was taken there.

The GT350R, I actually started working on that livery before it was really publicly seen. I’ve known Dean Martin for several years and had a friend working at Kohr Motorsports at the time as well that sent me some pictures of it before it loaded up to go to Daytona. It is simple but I went through some painstaking things for the sake of accuracy. It is such a simple font but I had to make the letters to get the boldness right. The in game fonts just didn’t cut it. If you look at the roof you will also notice that there is a big gap between Martin and Maugeri. Jack Roush Jr was on there and his name was covered over. I’m not sure exactly what the situation was there. Only 2 drivers needed/allowed maybe?

I completely agree that neither minilite is quite right. I believe the Compomotive are the ones that I end up typically using. Honestly, for whatever reason I struggled to find the others but knew there was another. Now that I know it is Rotiform it will be easier for me to locate. I think the Rotiform has more of a lip with the spokes dished in. So overall it is probably closer. My memory says that it is a multipiece wheel with visible fasteners though, right? I’ll have to take a look at it now that I know better where to find it. You may even see the 60s-70s Trans Am style cars I do start using it now that I know where to find it. I think part of my struggle is the terrible lighting that exists in some of the portions of the game when trying to pick wheels.

How does the weight/PI of those two wheels compare? That’s been part of the driver to trying to find it at times in the past. Changing my build for the seasoned gamers league and looking for a little PI boost or drop. On one light weight build I used the OZ F1 car wheel. It looks so good but feels so wrong to use on an old American car like that. That’s the build/wheel I had on for the pic of the #15 Cougar.

I hate unsharing a paint and losing all my use stats to change the description for the livery contests here on the forum so when entering an existing paint I usually try to change it up a little in some manner to make a new file. I also hate just making a duplicate share of the exact same thing. Thus, the Cougar ending up with a 15 for Bud Moore rather than the 6 of Mark Martin that i run it with in the league. A lot of times I change up the number but the changing up of things is how I came to have done so many different versions of the Gurney/Savage AARs. The raced it a lot of ways so I’ve made the different versions for different purposes.

I think the Rotiform MLW is lighter than the Compomotive ML. As it’s a multipiece wheel, it does have those little fasteners around it. The standard color of this wheel is a matte dark grey, so it’ll not look as good as the Compomotive out of the box.

The muscle car divisions are among the few where the cars usually look good with aero, and it’s all the more sweeter that the Cuda looks great with the Gurney flap, having been raced by Gurney himself. Whenever the paint comes with black wheels, I tend to use the Fifteen52 Forza Edition wheel, which resembles those steelies you see in old racecars and which seems to be a wheel that only exists in Forza. They also make good replacements to cars that come with the Borrani wire wheels.

Usually the Torq Thrusts, Outlaws and Cragar S/S will always look good no matter what.

Rotiform is 26 lb lighter than Compomotive. So which I use for races would really depends on how my PI comes out. The earlier TA cars tended to use a torque thrust before the mini lite came into use so on things like to 65 that is really a better choice for accuracy in addition to looking good. When I want a Steelie I usually go with the smoothie with cap Cragar wheel. I’ll look for the wheel you mentioned for that.

On cars I think are appropriate with mini lites I try to remember to paint the wheels a silver. On 90s style trans am cars I usually don’t paint the wheels because the BBS wheel is close to what they used with the polished lip and gold center.

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