[RACE][REALISTIC] fu222y F7 Designs

Here’s my contribution to the Forza design community. I try to have fun with it and add subtle things that may not be there - vents, scoops, exhaust diffusers/burnt colors, reflectors, fog lights, etc. here’s a link to my F6 designs

Thanks for looking

Kyosho S2K

Optimus Prime gettin’ it

Optimus Design Updated - Changed the style of headlights to LED, added diamond plate and some other small additions. It’s missing the autobot logo since this my shared design and I was too lazy to make my own

Motormaster - Gotta have an evil counterpart!

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The S2000 is looking pretty good. Some decent logo work, could be cleaned up but not a bad start at all. I can’t see the other designs you have listed. One thing I would encourage you to do is to make all of your own logos. You mentioned you didn’t for the Autobot logo, this will help you get better in the long run and it’s always better to have a lot of logos on your utility belt.

Keep plugging away and I hope to see more soon!