Hi All,

In the old days I made several nice designs, but the time,… So two days ago my son wanted Dusty on ‘his’ van and it started again,…

First my old-skool Mini with some flames, really love it and got some top 100 times in it with my own tune!! :slight_smile:

Here Dusty Grashopper, not very nice, but he is 2,5years old and likes it!!

A friend of mine wanted a Monster Car,… the logo’s aren’t mine!!

I also like the van. So I made a van of the Dutch Postal office. Including the Logo and the icons,… almost spot on.

After this van I got a request for DHL. So started to make the logo and after it the complete van. Pretty hard as the yellow color isn’t in the game,… so had to make it from two colors and one transparent. Am happy with the result and especially as it wasn’t for myself.

All the designs are shared including layer groups. Have some other designs, but it will come later. :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to take a look!!