Race paint request - ford gt40

I really wanted this GT40 paints in the storefront, but I’m not able to spend so much time painting in Forza 5 or playing, and I lack the skill and eye for it (I’m okay). but this livery need a lot of attention because I really want them to be perfect, and I can’t do perfect unless I spend a ton of time. these so not require a ton of time, and the GT40 IS FAIRLY SIMPLE, the only hard thing is the red angles on the hood. I really appreciate you doing this if you want to help me, and I’m sure many other Forza 5 players can enjoy your awesome design. I don’t see any reason why this livery cant be one of the top 3!

Pictures: http://www.TOPGEAR.com/uk/photos/the-greatest0le-mans-cars-winners-2014-6-12

it is the 16th and 17th image of all 38.

Let me know if you need any help, or anything from me! thank you sooo much for helping!