[Race Original] #99 Viking Tactical Corvette - My first one back after a few years out

Vike vette by bluebelly83, on Flickr

Vike2 by bluebelly83, on Flickr

I know the number is a Forza font, but I actually really liked it and thought it fit the mood of the paint so I kept it. It’s probably too muted/plain for some folks, but I thought I’d get it out there and try it on for size.

I’ll use this as a placeholder for more paints in the future. :slight_smile:

On Flickr, after you hit the ‘share’ arrow you need to copy the BBCode for forum use. That works for me but I’m using my iPhone/iPad to post pics.

There’s a guide in the Forzatography section if you’re using a computer.

Thanks Midnyte! That did it! I appreciate the help.