[RACE] Oldschool 2o4f's couple Christmas cars

Hi guys! I’m older than the average gamer, long time member of “2old4Forza”, father of two and a painter that races, or a racer that paints, somewhat. I was a GT player until I bought that XB360 and it had a copy of Fm3 with it…

I like to do race cars but shy away from full on reproductions. I also like to take familiar elements and apply them to new (or old) cars where they might not have been before. Toss in a few street racer/custom paints and that about covers it! Please feel free to comment, good, bad, suggestions always welcome!

Gamertag is oldschool 2o4f,
follow me if you want easier access to my stuff or Search for “oldschool” or “2o4f” in the description field and I should pop up!

PLEASE! Take care of the painting and tuning community by downloading AND liking what you download, that way they get something in return! Thanks!



Cryslus Rocket 69

C7 R class

Castrol Jag

Castrol 962 Porsche

Ferrari 488

#45 Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR


599 GTO

V12 Vantage S

Sunbeam Tiger (Cobra)


2013 GT500

F40 ferrari





Team Forza Models.

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Low dollar street racer for a friend…

Ford Lotus Cortina

Lancia Fulvia

Acura Type S

Plymouth Prowler


Hemi Charger

Ferrari 250 LM

Datsun 510

Lykan Hypersport

V12 Zagato

Alfa Quadrio

Acura Integra

Alfa 4C

Alfa 8C


#30 Chevy Lola released and shared…

Formula Mazda’s (there’s bunch of these)

Older Egg design…


Needs more photos.

Yes sir! Any pix at all would be an improvement.

These are a few I brought over, OLD PIX, (I will PULL all these old pix as I post newer) but I will make new this weekend. I DO have new versions of all the Team Forza cars uploaded as well. I think I got them all done.



Quite nice mate, I can’t wait until they make the transition into Forza 6.

These are on the Team Forza cars… ( I just don’t like green…much)

Looking nice mate.

Gulf GT is nice mate but I think your missing quite a few sponsors.

Yes you’re probably right. that’s not from a pic, it’s outta me head. I may revisit that as soon as responsibilities allow.
You don’t have a particular reference in mind do you? I tend to use sponsors associated with a team OR a particular series, sometimes a complete replica(ish) car.

Thank you for commenting Ace!

great selection of paints ans liverirs OldSchool, looking fprward to see what else you release on F6 :slight_smile:

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Time is way slim lately STU! Here’s a quickie i’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Alfa 4C

Looks good OldSchool.

I wanted to do the side to top striping differently but the transition from the side to top simply would not allow it. I tried three different ways and the car model said “nope!”
Ah well.
Thank you sir!

Quickie league racer, 70’s Trans Am fun runs. Car I’m running myself.