[RACE] OKC Radar Bob updated: 12/13/2017 - 1987 Ferrari F40

Thanks for visiting my page of Race Replica & Race designs (I tend to concentrate on IMSA, PWC, CUP, GT, GT3 cars) . If the image is posted here, the design has been shared (unless noted otherwise). All images below link to a separate gallery page with additional photos (between 4 and 24)… listed according to manufacturer/year. Every time I add a design it will be in a follow-up post to this thread, as well as added to this post.
Hope you enjoy my creations :slight_smile:

Radar Bob__________




OKC Radar Bob - you’ve got a lot of fantastic designs here. As a PWC fan, I’ll be checking this thread often!

Thanks for the props my friend… but I’m still the new kid in town, so I gotta try a little harder :wink:
I do focus on those cars… but I do like to do other things on occation. For example:

My first Rally Car design - was a fun project going outside of my comfort zone on this one. As you can tell, I re-used the Samus image from the Silvia design because I really wanted to show-off the detail work (the image on the drift car was just too small to see it clearly) so I decided to use it one last time for my entry in the current livery contest.

Now back to IMSA… a tribute livery on the #28 Alegra motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R.
HOWEVER - it looked terrible using the highly-reflective gold chrome - which looked flat as a pancake when viewed at less-than-optimum angles with this version of Forza. So since the regular chrome finish still looks decent, I decided to go with what looks good. This will probably be my entry for the next livery contest… already shows Race2 in the description :-).


First time I’ve come across your work Bob, and it’s impressive. Have you uploaded any of your Forza 6 designs onto the Forza 7 SF? There’s a number of designs I’d like to pick up. I’ll certainly be watching your thread with interest


That post was by me, I thought I was logged in when I posted

thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated… :slight_smile:

I know most all the images are from F6, but everything above has been shared on F7.

Glad to see you enjoy 'em - more to come!!!


I’m new to your work as well but as a classic Ford lover I’ll definitely be picking up some of those. That Boss 302 is a must have for me, also one of the first cars I bought in FM 7.

Amazing work. I have had some limited success painting but there is no way I can come close to the detail and design you are showing here. I will most certainly use these liveries. Keep up the good work.


Did you see the private message I sent you yesterday regarding a paint job request?

Yes, and I was just getting ready to respond… whoa, that must have been one of those ESP moments they talk about on TV :wink:
We’ll take this to PMs… thanks!

Sweet gallery! Impressive body of work.

Hi man, you’ve an interesting story, nice see you there.
You did many really nice liveries, i’ll keep some for sure asap. I’ll follow your thread.

Ciao :slight_smile:

That is a whole lot of awesome paints Bob, great work.

First, I’d like to again really, really, really thank everyone for the positive comments & feedback. It certainly makes it all the more enjoyable :slight_smile: The two for today were just some quickies to get on the track and drive. I wanted them to look accurate for the venue, but not overly complex, just well executed paints that look good for the Domination Championship Sport Touring class in career.

I own 2 ford mustangs… so this one was easy. Nothing looks better then a black mustang… and Roush may build some nice cars & crate motors, but when you want to get serious about horsepower - one guy stands above the rest (and he got his start in road racing too).
Shelby GT500
2013 Ford
Type: Race
Paint name: #68seanhyland

Thought I’d get another car ready, just in case the Cobra wasn’t up for the challenge (I usually like tuning two separate cars… one for speed and the other for grip - then choose the one best suited for the job). So here’s my grip guy for this class… the rain car. Not much you can do with that unpaintable black nose other then just go with it… certainly limits your creativity.
V12 Vantage S
2013 Aston Martin
Type: Concept Livery
(#30 REV)
Paint name: #30rev

That’s it for now. I am looking forward to a more challenging paint for my next project though…
Sometimes you just gotta get stuff done (the quickie) so you can race! and it’s race time!!!

Do you think you’ll have the Lambo paint job done today?

I guess you didn’t read the PM… here it is:

Hi bud

You know I like my Lambos… hard to refuse a request like this. Yes, I will add it to the list of things to do. You did happen to catch me just at the right time too. Will be able to get to it tomorrow - shouldn’t take more than a day or two. But before I start, is this for F6 or can I do it just for F7?

All the best,
Radar Bob :slight_smile:

So again, before I start… I need to know if this is for F6 too? Would be a pita to find out you wanted them on both - as I’m planning on doing it in the F7 paint booth… as quirky as F7 is, I have to get used to working with it. Since I don’t have H3, there are quite a few cars I can’t paint anywhere else but here.

Anyway… let me know and I’ll get on it as soon as time permits (it’ll be soon as long as you get back to be soon… otherwise I might be knee deep in another project.)

I got the PM. I replied. I don’t know why you didn’t recieve it. Things like that happen. I would like the paint job in FM7. Thanks.

I’ll get on it later today, should take about a day to finish so I’m sure to have it ready by tomorrow. I know about lost electrons… it does happen.

All the best,