Race load times, far too long. Very frustrating.

As above, waiting a few minutes for 1 race to load is a mega pain in the butt.

I’m on original Xbox One, I really hope it’s improved on the newer versions.

Plus, taking so long to save after each individual upgrade install. Go back to Horizon 3 style where you select all upgrades and apply at the end in 1 go!


Its supposed to be less than 1 minute load time for any console game, is it really minute"s"

I was afraid of this… I’m really nervous about load times on the Xbox One X (4k textures, still a crap Mechanical Hard drive).

Don’t like to rub it in, but on PC using a SSD it takes about 6 seconds.


There’s a few threads popping up about load times now that don’t seem consistent. I suspect that there is a loading bug in the game that can occur on both PC and XBOX.

I myself have a high end PC with SSD and have been discussing loading time problems with others. I have had really short times 10 seconds or less and really long times 5+ minutes.

I’m on the OG Xbox one and unless it was because I was half asleep last night, I found loading times seemed maybe slightly quicker than FM6. However that could have been an illusion caused by being able to do stiff whilst it was loading

Whats the deal with not being able to tune while driving? Like on the tuning menu on forza 6 you press Y and you go to a track and can pause and tune. Anybody figured out how to do it if it’s possible

I tried the Demo at the Gamescom at the normal xbox one and on the xbox one x. With the normal xbox loading times were really long, with the xbox one x it was much faster.

I use an external SSD on my one S. I’ll report back later after I play. My SSD is 1 TB and then I have a regular 3 TB external. I just keep stuff stuff I’m most likely to play on the SSD. They are much cheaper now. I paid around $400 for the Samsung 1 TB but you can get the 500 GB for less than $200 I believe. Single biggest upgrade you can make to your console for both performance and load times.

$400 for a 1TB drive, really?!! That’s the price of a console. You can still get pretty fast 1TB drives for under $200.

Do you understand the performance upgrade of an SSD? My mass game storage external is a regular 3 TB I paid $89 for a few yeas ago. You don’t have to get the $400 one you can get a 250 GB one for $100 which is plenty big enough to keep several of your most played games on and rotate stuff as needed. I recommend Samsung.

Apparently, I don’t but thanks for educating me, O’solid state one.

Glad I could educate you. Your welcome.

1TB SSDs are ~$300 (good 3D NAND versions are over $300), they are not even close to $200. They were a approximately a year ago, but prices have risen, and will not be coming back down. It is a production industry issue. Source: I am the owner of an IT consulting company, since 1992.

BTW I have been running an SSD on all three of my Xboxes for years. It destroys that garbage internal SATAII 5400rpm laptop drive (yes, the same SATAII that has not been used on a motherboard since 2010). It cut my Horizon 2 startup load time from ~90 seconds to less than 30 seconds. When I play The Division, I load into the Underground maps ~30 seconds before the rest of my group.

For the person that commented about not spending more money after already buying the console. You get what you get for a $249 console. If you want better, you have to spend more money. I am thankful we have the support for external SSD.

The first career race after you pick your free car, I went with open wheel classics, took 22 seconds to load. Had to leave after that. I’ll post more results later.

If you are on XBox you’re going to want an external SSD. That’s just the reality of current gen games it seems.

Load times on Xbox One can be very long.

I have the game installed on a Samsung SSD on PC and it’s not exactly lightning on that, but bearable.

I bought the Samsung 500gb T5 for 200$, it’s pretty sweet.

Definitely better load times in general.

With all the stuff you can do while you wait, I never really notice. I’m pretty patient anyway. I have Xbox One S and it takes about a min on average for it to load a race.