[RACE] GUMBALL 3000 by PolizeiYT **Wolfpack McLaren 650s**

Name: Whitey aka PolizeiYT
Occupation: Classified
Previous jobs: Livery designer, Graphic Designer.
Forza specialisation: Gumball 3000 Rally.

Introduced to Forza (3) paint shop by Gumball 3000 rally legend Alex Roy, fell in love with the game and the tools to be able to replicate the cars that I’d been around on the Gumball grid for a number of years.

Some of you will have been aware of my livery replication in Forza 4, 5, Horizon and Horizon 2… long may it continue here in 6!
Obviously some work will be transferred over from F5 and Horizon 2 into Forza 6, but where possible I am tweaking/editing to improve the finished article further for you the car enthusiast, fan of Gumball 3000 and in some cases the actual drivers/teams.

Oh and these will be ‘Gumball 3000 family paints’ as some of these replicas won’t have Gumball 3000 graphics on them, but are of drivers/cars that have competed in the rally over the years.

Latest paint in this first post, then my library!

Team Wolfpack 3000
Car: McLaren 650s
Keywords: Gumball 3000, Wolfpack


PolizeiYT 2016 Gumball cars!

BGF1 Betsafe Gumball F1 car
Car: Lotus E23
Keywords: Betsafe, Gumball

Maximillion Cooper’s Carbon Blue Vanquish
Car: Aston Martin Vanquish
Keywords: Gumball 3000, 2016

Team HE11 Gumball 2016
Car: Porsche 918 Spyder
Keywords: Gumball 3000, 2016, HE11

Car: Audi RS6 Avant
Keywords: Shmee150, Gumball, Chrome (if you want chrome numbers)

Gumball Mono
Car: BAC Mono
Keywords: Gumball 3000, 2016

Team 88 (Galag) Gumball 2016
Car: Ferrari 458 Speciale & 458 Italia
Keywords: Gumball 3000, 2016

Ade Harris’ HELLcat
Car: Dodge SRT Hellcat
Keywords: Harris, Gumball

Sam Moores Galag GT3rs (x2)
Car: Porsche GT3RS
Keywords: Sam Moores, Galag, Gumball

Gumball team 56
Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Keywords: team 56, Gumball

Team Galag TG3
Car: AMG GT S Fit HRE P40sc rims and aero kit
Keywords: Galag, Gumball 3000, TG3
Team Galag Gumball 3000 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Team Galag Elise 72
Car: Lotus Elise
Keywords: Galag, Gumball 3000, Seb Delanney
Team Galag Gumball 3000 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Car: Ferrari 488 GTB
Keywords: Wolfpack, Gumball 3000, Papawolf
Wolfpack 488 Gumball by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Buttsy Butler
Car: Mercedes G65 (G-Wagon)
Keywords: Betsafe, Gumball 3000, Buttsy Butler, Goon Squad
Betsafe Gumball 3000 G65 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Car: McLaren 650s
Keywords: Gumball 3000, Team 53
Smashed by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Josh Cartu Ferrari F12 (TDF)
Car: Ferrari F12
Keywords: Gumball 3000, Josh Cartu, Wolfpack
frontside by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Fast Factory Mansory Bentley
Car: Bentley
Keywords: Gumball 3000, Fast Factory, Mansory
frontbentley by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Gumball 57
Car: Porsche Turbo
Keywords: Gumball 3000, 57, BAV

PolizeiYT library continued… 2007-2015 Gumball cars and randoms

Team Galag
Car: ‘Team Forza’ McLaren P1 & P1.
Keyword(s): Galag, Gumball 3000

Team Galag, pre rally version.
Car: ‘Team Forza’ McLaren P1 & P1.
Keyword(s): Galag, Gumball 3000

Team Wolfpack
Car: ‘Team Forza’ Viper GTS
Keyword(s): Wolfpack, Tron, Gumball 3000

Team Wolfpack
Car: ‘Team Forza’ R8 Coupe V10 quattro & R8 V10 Plus
Keyword(s): Wolfpack, Papawolf, Gumball 3000

Team Wolfpack
Car: ‘Team Forza’ Ferrari 458 Italia
Keyword(s): Wolfpack, Papawolf, 31, Gumball 3000

Team Wolfpack
Car: GT-R Black Edition
Keyword(s): Wolfpack, Gumball 3000

Deadmau5 Gumball '15
Car: ‘Team Forza’ McLaren P1 (and standard P1)
Keyword(s): Deadmau5, Gumball 3000, 2015

Shmee150 Gumball '15
Car: McLaren 650S Coupe
Keyword(s): Shmee150, Shmee, Gumball 3000, 2015

Olsson 2015
Car: RS 6 Avant
Keyword(s): Olsson, Betsafe, Gumball 3000, DTM

Deadmau5 Purrari
Car: ‘Team Forza’ 458 Italia, 458 Italia & 458 Speciale
Keyword(s): Deadmau5, Gumball 3000, Purrari

Deadmau5 Purrari
Car: Ferrari 458 Speciale
Keyword(s): Deadmau5, Purrari, chrome

Deadmau5 Purracan
Car: Lamborghini ‘Team Forza’ Hurracan, Hurracan.
Keyword(s): Deadmau5, Nyanborghini, Purracan

Deadmau5 Chrome Purracan Fantasy Livery Winner
Car: Lamborghini Hurracan.
Keyword(s): Deadmau5, Nyanborghini, Purracan

Team 89
Car: Mercedes A-Class
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Team 89

Team Malibu 458 Race Livery Winner
Car: Ferrari 458 Italia, 458 Speciale, Team Forza 458.
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Malibu

Team Salamone Scandal
Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, family, Salamone

Team Salamone 50th Anniv
Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, family, Salamone

Team Salamone gb3k
Car: Lamborghini Aventador
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, 2012, Salamone

Maximillion Cooper Pagani
Car: Pagani Huayra
Keyword(s): Maximillion, Cooper, Pagani, Gumball 3000

Team 68 Corvette
Car: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Keyword(s): 68, Norway, Gumball 3000

Team Wolfpack
Car: Ferrari F12
Keyword(s): Wolfpack, Cartu, Tron, Gumball 3000

Jon Olsson R8
Car: Team Forza Audi R8
Keyword(s): Betsafe, Olsson, Gumball 3000

Max GB3K
Car: Jaguar XJ220
Keyword(s): Maximillion Cooper, Gumball 3000

GB3K 2011
Car: Skyline GT-R Fast & Furious Edition
Keyword(s): 2011, Gumball 3000

TopGun GB3K
Car: Mercedes McLaren SLR
Keyword(s): Top Gun, Gumball 3000

Jag GB3K 2014
Car: Jaguar F-Type R Coupe
Keyword(s): 2014, 48, Gumball 3000

Olsson Fantasy Livery Winner
Car: Rebellion Toyota
Keyword(s): Olsson, Gumball 3000

Olsson Betsafe
Car: Rebellion Toyota
Keyword(s): Olsson, Betsafe, Gumball 3000

GB3K 14 Olsson
Car: Audi RS6 Avant.
Keyword(s): Jon olsson, Gumball 3000, glitch
(this is a fixed version as somehow a glitch appeared on the front left wing of the original)

GTS M3 2011
Car: BMW M3 2008
Keyword(s): 044, 2011, Gumball 3000

GB3K 2015
Car: Ferrari F50
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000

Car: Aston Martin One-77
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000

Goon Squad F1 Race Livery Winner
Car: Lotus E23 F1
Keyword(s): Goon Squad, Gumball 3000, Buttsy, Butler, Drift

Team 89
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Team 89

Team Polizei 144 2007 ‘Rally Start’ version. Race Livery Winner
Car: BMW e39 M5
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Alex Roy, Polizei 144, Race9.

Lewis Hamilton Agera 2015 Gumball
Car: Koenigsegg Agera
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Lewis Hamilton

Team Pavo 2011 Gumball Rally
Car: Ferrari 599 GTO
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Pavo, 2011

Team Galag Gumball 3000 2015 Safe version, Race livery winner
Car: Mercedes AMG C63
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Galag

Team 57 Gumball 3000 2015
Car: Ferrari 458 Speciale
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Bav

Jon Olsson 2012 Gumball.
Car: Lamborghini Gallardo
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, Olsson

Deadmau5’s 650s Space Invaders.
Car: McLaren 650s
Keyword(s): Deadmau5, Space Invaders

AudiArt Gumball 3000 2012
Car: Audi RS4
Keyword(s): Gumball 3000, AudiArt

Deadmau5 ‘Fantasymau5’ Race car
Car: #59 McLaren GT 12c GT3
Keyword(s): Fantasy, Deadmau5, Space Invaders

Miami to Ibiza 2014 F12
Car: Ferrari F12
Keyword: Gumball 3000

Team 87 Gumball 2015
Car: Porsche 918
Keyword: Gumball 3000, 87

Team 111, @itswhitenoise Gumball 3000 USA legs 2015 (Shared with Shmee150)
Car: Porsche 918
Keywords: Gumball, itswhitenoise, shmee150

Shmee150 Cayman Martini
Car: Porsche Cayman GTS
Keywords: Shmee150, Martini

Team Galag SLR 2015
Car: Mercedes SLR
Keywords: Galag, USA, Gumball

First ‘Official’ replica from me in F6 is the Team Galag McLaren P1 for the ‘Team Forza’ P1.
In a complete overhaul, background texture played with and tweak of logos and colours.
I owe this team big time, so always gets priority in my work. There will be more Galag coming!!

GalagMonza by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Pre rally none numbered version also available.

GalagNo by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

GalagBrake by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Search: Galag, Gumball 3000

Glad to see you back in the paint booth, Whitey. You have some amazing work and I know more will be coming in FM6 …

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Next up is the Team Wolfpack guys.
On the Viper I wanted to give the silver ‘electroluminescent’ a nice pop so new F6 paint was used as the base.
The Audi is a nice re-visit after the glitchfest the R8’s were in F5 and H2 so the arches are now as they should be.
Ferrari 458 was tweaked to fit onto the ‘team Forza’ version with the GT-R bringing up the rear.
Four cars, same theme, three different results. The F12 will join them soon!

Musclewolf by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Ardy458 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

ArdyWet by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

WolfpackGTR by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

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Amazing designs as always mate! I can’t believe the quality and accuracy. Keep up the great work/

The Deadmau5 P1 shown here on the ‘Team Forza’ P1 had a couple of minor tweaks for transfer for colour so the sponsors had a subtle pop against the white background.
The Shmee150 mobile had to be brought in to complement Mau5’s P1 seeing as their themes were so damn close (and seeing as that’s me in the sic pic photographing it at the Gumball startline).The Monster that is Jon Olsson’s RS6 DTM. I love this car. This is the pre rally numberplated version, a Monaco plate will come soon too.

DatP1tho by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

DatP1thoRear by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Shmee150 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Click here for DJKustoms Shmee150 Design showcase!

Olsson1 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

OlssonRS6 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Right! Some Italian rockets! Ferrari (and some Purrari) & Lamborghini’s (errr Nyanborghini)

First up was the Deadmau5 Purrari from 2014 rally, seen here with full rally sponsors and Gold number and chequering.
Available on the 458, 458 Team Forza and the Speciale (which I love!).

PurrariTF2 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

PurrariTF3 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

GumballMau5Spec by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

But of course I had to bring along the Custom version which proves very popular, the Chrome edition

ChromePurrariSpec by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Only recently Deadmau5 released the Nyanborghini Purracan, maybe he’ll bring this along to Gumball 2016?

PurracanGarage by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Also in Chrome special edition!

ChromePurracan by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

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Just came here for the shmee one , did you Instagram , tweet it to him ?

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Cheers Ace.

Tim (Shmee) is aware and likes.

Chrome, will get you home! ©Team Salamone

Team Malibu Gumball 2012 Chrome ‘Zip’

MalibuGumball by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Team Salamone Scandal Tron (black wheeled)

Salamonedark by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Team Salamone 50th Anniversario

50th by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Team Salamone Gumball 2012

GB3Krear by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Nyan cat is hilarious as always and well executed mate! Nice work!

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Really like the wolfpack paints Polizei

Thanks Windswept, I’ve the F12 Wolfpack still to come, updating and tweaking it from the F5 & H2 files.
Have a real attachment to the Wolfpack Tron designs as the team asked me originally to mock up some Tron like ideas in Forza 4. These cars were the end result.
I’ve even put this ‘fantasy’ version in for the weekly comp… WolfBAC lol.

WolfBAC2 by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Even more amazing paints here! I have even more to shop for.

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Too kind Ace!

Following a Spin win a certain Pagani dropped into my lap…

PaganiPit by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

PagMans by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Another beauty mate! Awesome work.

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I’ve a good few paints coming, some ‘re-issues’, some old favourites and a couple of brand spanking new ones… Audi, Jag, Merc.

In the meantime, my good friends Team 68 and the beautiful Josh Cartu F12.

Untitled by astonhold, on Flickr

TeamNipples by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Cartu by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

CartuDrive by ForzaDesignsbyPolizeiYT, on Flickr

Great work as always dude, i will be picking a few other these up

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KUDOS polizeYT nice

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