[RACE/FANTASY] Rambo Shark - Yashio Factory Motul GTR, Tiger Stripe Gulf P1 GTR

Hello folks! Welcome to my FM6 gallery. The paints here will be replica of Japanese drift or track cars and fantasy designs. I mainly enjoy doing small projects so there will be a lot of simpler designs. Enjoy!

The Great Wave

Week 14 Fantasy Livery Winner

Lotus Elise 111S, Aston TF DBS, BMW TF M5, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari TF 458, Nissan GTR, 370Z, TF 350Z, R32-34, S15, 240SX, Subaru BRZ, all WRX STI, 22B, Toyota GT86, Celica, Supra, AE86, Volkswagen 2014 Golf R

Audi Sport Team Joest RS7

Week 22 Race Livery Winner

Audi Team Forza RS7

2004 D1GP ORC 350Z
Week 14 Race Livery Winner

Nissan 350Z, TF 350Z

Yashio Factory
Week 10 Race Livery Winner

Nissan S13, S15, 240SX

Toyota TS040 #8 Tribute GT86

Week 15 Fantasy Livery Winner

Toyota GT86

JUN x RE Amemiya FD3S

Week 16 Race Livery Winner

Mazda RX-7

NASA & Anna Fisher Golf

Week 16 Fantasy Livery Winner

Volkswagen Golf '14

Pop Art 458

Week 18 Fantasy Livery Winner

Ferrari Team Forza 458

ZENT McLaren 12C GT3

Week 18 Race Livery Winner

McLaren #98 12C GT3

KCMG Oreca R8

Week 19 Race Livery Submit

Audi Team Forza R8

Yashio Factory GTR

Week 20 Race Livery Winner

Nissan GTR Black Edition

Gulf P1

Week 17 Fantasy Livery Winner

McLaren TF P1

Week 20 Fantasy Livery Contest Winner

Aston Martin Team Forza DBS

Rambo Shark x Yashio Factory SRT Viper

Week 17 Race Livery Winner

SRT TF Viper

ORC Cheetah S2000

Week 15 Race Livery Winner

Honda S2000CR

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Looking good Rambo! Great to you´re back mate :smiley:

nicely done!

love it!


looks great Rambo… i’ll have to search it out when I get online next :slight_smile:

Very well executed, Shark! Love it!

Wow. Certainly doesn’t look like any easy task. Amazing work!

Thanks for the kind comments guys. It means a lot!

Nice work recreating this paintjob - especially with the blue being reflective!

Flower power. I like it :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! Nice job :slight_smile:

Another name i havent seen in a very long while

Hey Rambo, how you doing?

Slap bang on point with the paint btw :slight_smile:

Good to see you back


Hey man! It’s been a while but I definitely remember working with you back in the day. Was it NoGarage? Thanks for the compliments.

Thanks Alex!

Thanks, and great analogy. I’m a little rusty and don’t have much patience with decals but I reckon that will come back.

You don’t need any help Rambo :wink: its like you’ve never been away!
If you can paint in FM2, you can paint in any FM :slight_smile:

Good to see a Yashio back! Great job sir


You’ve done a great job on recreating the S15, and like AB said if you know how to ride a bike you’d never forget ^^

So here’s something that has been cooking in the booth.

Enjoy folks!


very excited for this

That’s pretty, i like!

Can you share so can rock it on the hood of my 95% unpaintable AE86 lol


Nice work with the Yashio Factory Nissans but that Great Wave replica is amazing! I can’t believe the detail in that layer group, it’s truly a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what you do with it, rest assured I’ll be downloading it! Keep up the great work mate.

Cheers, Ace