[race/fantasy] #67 rotek racing s3 saloon. Stripped and subtly re-designed, looks beautiful

I know it’s vain to say that my design looks good.
Hope you’ll agree that it does lol.
Really enjoy making this one a !**(http://www.forzamotorsport.net/Handlers/GetPhoto.ashx?game=fm6&id=2318423&full=true “b”) c my GT (tea and tobacco)

Nice to see you posting it here Gavin :slight_smile:

I do try to give my designs as much exposure as I can it’s not about the game credits or the downloads. For me if 1 person downloads it and uses it a 100 times is better then 100 people downloading it and it only be used the once. Plus I love it ain’t ever gonna be amazing at it I know this but I do try my very best. Example the decal round this front wheel arch took 200 odd layers I was doing it pixel perfect (slight imperfections as that part of car was weird to paint) and about 2 and a bit hours.
But yeah good to be here and comp ain’t my first rodeo lol. Nice chatting buddy :slight_smile:

Looks pretty clean mate. Sometimes less is more.

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