race events containing bugs

Good evening everyone, I wanted to know if anyone is willing to help me on any problems I encountered in the game or I don’t know whether to call them bugs. The main problem I encountered is that of the teleportation from a selected race event to the one where the route starts, many times the game crashes remaining in the loading screen not being able to proceed. Another problem I encountered … if I choose a certain weather and time of day, in the race I find a different weather and time of day than I chose.
As for the progress of the time, when I choose “continuous” in the race it advances briefly and then freezes (for example, it gets stuck in the morning without going in the early afternoon).
I don’t know if the latter was wanted in the game or if it’s some kind of bug. I apologize for the long message, if anyone knows how to solve it please don’t hesitate to answer me! Thank you :wink: