[RACE] Clyde's Paint Shop - 04/05: Takata Dome Odyssey

Hi! It’s Clyde here, from sunny Italy. Been a painter since the late FM4 days; I originally specialized in modern original liveries, but eventually fell for the charms of vintage race cars and started doing replicas, too. You’ll find a bit of both in here, and then some. I pride myself in the extensive research work that goes in each livery - my replicas strive to be as accurate as possible, and my originals won’t feature a logo that’s out of place if I can help it.

But enough talk, let’s rock!

Don’t be fooled - you won’t see these racing on any track in the world.

#34 Mobil 1 Nissan GT-R GT500 - 2015 Super GT

#91 Tiger Corporation Honda Civic FK2 - 2016 Super Taikyu

#139 Lincoln Welders Formula Mazda - 2017 SCCA National Runoffs

#78 Winmax Nissan 370Z - 2016 Super Taikyu

#72 Nordica Honda Civic WTCC - 2015 World Touring Car Championship

#14 Tamron Garage Igarashi Jaguar XK GT3 - 2017 Super GT

#04 Rocco by Rodenstock Schnitzer M6 GT3 - 2017 ADAC GT Masters

Faithful recreations of cars from all places, eras and formulas.

#77 Ch. Pozzi / European University Ferrari 512 BB LM - 1980 24 Heurs du Mans

#10 Gunston / Team Schnitzer BMW M1 Procar - 1979 Kyalami 1000 km


Here’s a quick look at the liveries I’ve put up in my Storefront (Sharefront?) in the first month of FM7’s life. There’s more - hopefully, much more - to come, so stay tuned!

Filename: #34 Mobil

Yes, “Mobli” version will be coming either to the Storefront or the AH at a later date.

Car: BMW M3 Forza Edition
Filename: RB Liqui Moly

A quick paint scheme I cooked up for the M3 FE awarded for completion of the Evolution Championship. It’s nothing special, but it should do the trick, especially if you’re fitting your Forza Edition with BBS E55s. More quick paint schemes such as this may be coming to my Storefront anytime, so stay tuned if they’re to your taste!

Car: 2016 Honda Civic Type R
Filename: #91 Tiger

Rice, rice baby.

Car: 2015 Mazda Formula Mazda
Filename: #139 Lincoln

Sometimes, you have to go smaller. And sometimes, you just want to.

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Greetings fellow GTPlanet painter :slight_smile:

That GT-R’s one of the best designs I have seen in this game so far, great work.

Hi my dear friend, what can i say, we’re still there always with our passion and projects. I’m really happy.

About your designs…what else, they’re amazing, full detailed and with a great touch. All are MUST HAVE :slight_smile:


like the designs so far Clyde, keep them coming :slight_smile:

Love the civic!

Nice job. Thanks for your effort.

Hi! Ported some liveries from FM6 and gave them some love to bring them up to spec. Plus, there’s a new 15-minute special on the Silvia S15 Forza Edition that may interest people who aren’t huge fans of gold wraps and the like.

Car: 2010 Nissan 370Z
Filename: #78 Winmax

The return of a fan favorite, with updated number tabs and a revised sponsor layout. Requires Nismo Street Front Bumper 1, Nismo Street Rear Wing 1/2 and Nismo Street Rear Bumper 2 to display correctly; Nismo Street Sideskirts 2 are optional, but work greatly with the car.

Car: 2014 Honda #2 Castrol Honda Civic WTCC
Filename: #72 Nordica

Another car brought back from Forza Motorsport 6 with an all new choice of secondary sponsors. Will be ported soon-ish to the #5 Zengo car.

Car: 1982 Ferrari #71 Ferrari France 512 BB/LM
Filename: #77 Ch Pozzi

Minor adjustments for one of my first FM6 releases, especially in the rear right fender area. Will see if the issues that kept me from porting it to the other 512 have been fixed.

Car: 1979 BMW #6 BMW Motorsport M1 Procar
Filename: #10 Gunston

Ported directly from FM6. Alas, the options to give tobacco liveries some exposure are limited; still, I hope there will be at least one vintage racing nerd who’ll be happy to find this one already made in Forza!

Car: 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R Forza Edition
Filename: Trust / Greedy

I swear, I put that “Trust” logo on the side and not twenty minutes later I was looking at this car. I guess it’s a decent option if you’ve grown tired of the car’s sorry stock looks? For maximum effect consider fitting a set of Super Advan Racing Ver. 2s!

Car: 2013 Subaru BRZ
Filename: Vampyr

My contribution to the 2017 Halloween Bash. Looks properly ghastly, yes? Sharp-eyed viewers will quickly realize it’s a modification of my Aggressor BRZ first released in FH3. Rocket Bunny kit is required for the livery to work properly!

Thanks for the kind words & encouragement, guys. I’ll do my best to keep up! Next update will feature at least one all-new original livery.

Always a fan of the Trust colours!


Some truly stunning stuff in here,

All original design, you have an amazing eye for graphics!

Ciao Clyde my friend, 370 and Civic Nordica are really awesome, here in FM7 and updated are really at TOP now.
And the Gunston and BRZ? Beautiful!!!

Oh my God what a stunning collection !
Keep’em coming good old Clyde … eheheheh … :wink:

Awesome stuff as always Clyde! Have always been a fan of your stuff. I don’t know whether you were looking at me but you’ve found your one vintage racing nerd who downloaded the Gunston Bimmer by the way. Really awesome stuff!

Thank you for sharing your creations :video_game::sunglasses::+1:

Car: 2014 Jaguar #14 Emil Frey GT3 Jaguar XK
Filename: #14 Tamron

It’s good to be back… I had a Super GT livery with the same sponsor for the MP4-12C in FM6, but since I wasn’t too happy with the base, Tamron has inaugurated a new company logo last year, and the Macca’s a fossil at this point, I decided to start from scratch on a car that was in dire need for some love. I began working on this in late November last year, but then I had to give university my full attention; now I finally managed to finish it. Enjoy!

Car: 2017 BMW #24 BMW Team RLL M6 GTLM
Filename: #04 Rocco

A modern reinterpretation of the classic Group 5 Rodenstock BMWs done in the style of the 2017-season Schnitzer cars, featuring Rocco - Rodenstock’s line of retro frames - as the main sponsor.

Car: 2018 Honda Odyssey
Filename: Idemitsu

This is not the greatest Honda livery of all times, it’s just a tribute. Get in, loser, we’re going racing (with a minivan).

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I love your originals. Your Z34 is one of my favorite cars in the game.

I fit it with the Advan ultralight wheels, not sure which the “canon” ones were.

Nice clean designs, well done!