Race Cars Destroying Drift Hoppers

The last few drift hoppers ive been in were all ruined. You get a few guys joining in with their race cars just to finish the race a DQ everyone. You say “well why dont you leave that lobby or kick them?”. If you join another lobby more will eventually come in a ruin that one. And voting to kick is just useless. No one votes to kick. Ever.

Its a simple way for them to make quick money and troll the rest of the lobby. Super annoying and just makes me not want to play anymore. Im sure a lot of you have had this same experience.

I’ve been in heaps of lobbies where everyone has voted to kick other players for doing this. Communication is key in a lobby. Use your mic to let others players know if they don’t already. If nobody speaks up then what do you expect.

If after you tell everyone said person is wrecking or racing to the end to prevent people finishing and no one kicks them leave and find a room where people use their mics. Simple

in other news, the sun is on fire.

this has always happened, and will always continue to happen.

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unfortunately this is something that isn’t new to Forza previous titles all had this issue when it came to drift lobbies. unless you can get people to vote then sadly there isn’t much that can really be done about it

Agreed, it is quite infuriating. As other’s have said, try to make a joined effort to kick them. Also open their gamer card and block them, then also report them. You must take every step to eliminate these people before you can have a true complaint.

Blocking the player will ensure that they cannot join a lobby in which you are present. If enough people block them, they will have a very difficult time playing the game at all. And if they are reported enough times, they will eventually be actioned against by Turn 10.

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Racers ruin drift lobbies and I have seen drifters ruin race lobbies. Its an issue that will exist as long as online racing is around (so forever basically).

I am also one to announce to the lobby when someone should be voted out. Sometimes it happens and sometimes people don’t.