Race Car Tuning - Help Please!!

So i tune my own cars and while there not bad i see from online races, that people somehow are able to be faster specificaly straight line even when its the same car.
What i cant grasp is how are they pulling the turns ALMOST as quick, (cornering is my best quality) in terms of tuning but as soon as they hit the straight aways
there off like nothing i have seen before.
It often makes me wonder if indeed these cars are even the same class, as im left thinking yes there is a certain balance but generaly your either all braun
and no brains, or you have a little of each which will reduce straight line but increase corning abilitys.
Which one would think would help with faster lap times due to fewer mess ups, but apparently this is not the case.

So my question is how do people do this im not even seeing heavy breaking, there corners seem ultra stable and yet they have a straight line speed of a drag car.

Not sure how quick you really are on track but the fastest drivers have fantastic sense for traction, especially exiting corners.

If you are wondering how some drivers in an IDENTICAL CAR can be faster on a straight, the answer is usually the corner exit speed.

While a normal driver would exit at 60 mph, the top drivers can exit at higher speeds, say at 65 mph. It would seem like they have so much extra power but no. It is the corner exit speed.

To have fast exit speed, the car MUST enter the corner with the intention to get on the throttle as EARLY as possible.

Using manual gears will gain you 1~ 2 seconds per lap.

Using manual gears + clutch will gain you even more. This is true especially for low class cars.

Those are my guesses.

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Thankyou buddy for you feedback :slight_smile: