R3volutionary clan [r3v] is looking for clean racers

We are a xbox clan and have about 40ish members all playing different games and some on xbox 1 some on 360. At the minute we have a solid 6 that play forza 5 and we are looking for new members. If you want to join the requirements are that you are 18+, use voice communication and you race clean or at least try to.

We have drivers ranging in all skill levels from guys who have never played a racing game right up to seasoned pros who are in the top 500 on the leaderboards.

We try our best to mix it up a bit in the classes we drive to keep everyone happy. We hold 30 minute track/driving lessons where you go out as a group in the same cars getting a chance to learn the track and get a feel for the car, one of the quicker guys will normally run a pace lap while your tires warm up and then just try and stick with him as he speeds up.

We have a few guys who can tune and can normally hook up a top 1% tune for any given track. We have a few paints (I try at least). but just like everyone on here are always looking for a talented painter to join the ranks.

We have a Facebook group where clan members chat and announcements can be made and a website that is almost completed just waiting on our French connection (web designer) to finish up.

If your interest or just want to race add
D0GBR34TH (r3v Co Leader)
EasyRed1 (r3v) Co Leader)
AilingLeopard (Forza 5 Leader) best person to add as I’m off recruiting for bf4.

All new members will receive a custom mini paint job with your colour + GT on it.

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Do u guys run a certain class, I get the most joy out of c class. Im new to racing games and forza is my first but I feel im somewhat good and with practice can hold top times. My highest in rivals so far is 27th place on prague c class and ive won both bounty hunter cars so far. Problem is I only play about 1 or 2 times a week but every friday night for sure. If this is ok then id like to tryout??

Yeah buddy we have regulars on everyday but we also accept weekend warriors haha I’ll throw a fr your way an party up wen I see you on. We race all classes we have some new drivers who are still racing d and we try and fit a few games of each class when we race a lot of the time we are just testing new tunes for different classes. If you want to get an idea of what we race check the forza gallery in game type r3v as the description and there are plenty of pics there.

BTW Prague is my favorite track so we will get on just fine.

Alright bud, sounds like a plan. Ill be lookin for the fr and hopefully I will see u online soon… heck yea, gotta love that prague

I have always been a big fan of Forza and I actually race in real life as a hobby (dirt oval go karts). I am in a BF4 team on PC and may be interested in joining you guys as well. My schedule can get a bit tricky trying to balancing work and BF4 in addition to this, but am usually available on weekends and later at night (live in the Eastern time zone).

Wow, a beginner getting 27th on rivals. That’s really impressive, man, good for you! The best I’ve ever done was 525, haha. However, I would also like to try out, if that would be okay. I haven’t played a racing game since Forza 1. My 360 red ringed and I guess I just forgot how much I loved the series until I got Forza 5. I may not get in the top 50 of rivals matches yet, but I’m a very fast learner and I take gold in most multiplayer matches, assuming I don’t get rammed, haha.

I will throw you a fr and party up when I see you online I can normally squeeze top 500ish since I added x IR O O IK x it sets him as my rival on almost every leaderboard but I’m just not quick enough maybe when a decent steering wheel comes out I will be able to get a bit quicker . . . I hope lol



if you guys are looking for a place to race then pop over to http://tvrf.forumotion.co.uk/ and take a peek.

new race site looking to hold various race series on both forza 4 and 5.

I’m in if your still offering.

Add me plz. Im on almost everyday

Send us a friend request :slight_smile:

If be game for it. I’m Real find of the GT2/GT3 cars.

Id be game for it. I’m Real fond of the GT2/GT3 cars.

I perfer to race F1 and GT cars and I’m on almost every day. The best ive gotten is top 12k on spa and ive been looking for other cleab racers so hit me up so I can see if im worthy.

If you guys are still open im game. I race casually as I am not an extremely competitive racer. I enjoy muscle cars and pretty much just about anything that’s fast and loud.