R34 A-class v8/rwd help

Hi guys!

I got a few questions its not all for just R34 but like RWD overall…

I have read alot of tuning guides so i know what most of the things do. gonna try to explain as good as i can :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem is that i loose the back end on the mid to out corner even with smooth throttle lets say 30-40% and i dont floor it until i go almost straight.

so first of i did the springs i dont know what the weight dist~ was now but lets say its 55% front. so i did the srpings in the front a little bit stiffeer than the rear and went out to tune in so i dont bottom when i corner etc i settled with around 80-85%. so then i went to the Arb since i got overster i soften the rear up but i tried here as much as i can but still cant get it to go as i want :frowning:

also the damping i did kinda high rebound and like 50-60% lower on the bump am i thinking wrong here or ?

Estimates don’t really help alot. Can u please post the build and tune Se we can look at it. I personally wouldn’t make an R34 Rwd because the car is a monster awd car.