R32 Skyline GTR Brake Light Bug (Texturing Issue)

Hi all,

This is something that has been irking me as an R32 Skyline owner.
Playground Games and / or Turn 10 have made a bit of a mess up with the R32 Skylines rear lights.

In Forza, the only rings that are illuminated when braking are the two outermost rings, and when the tail lights are activated all four rings are illuminated which is correct, but the two innermost rings are at their braking brightness instead of normal tail light brightness.
In reality, all four rings act at the same time at the same brightness.
When your tail lights are turned on, all four rings are illuminated, and when you brake, all four rings are brightly illuminated.

(Note this is not the case for rarer ADM models, in which the outer rings are orange indicator lights and the reverse lights are where the indicators would normally be. The version in Forza does not the ADM model and is the JDM model.).

Below are some photoshopped screencaps to demonstrate what I’m describing.

R32 Brake Light Issue Demonstration
!(http://i.imgur.com/9igh1W3.jpg]R32 Tail Light Issue Demonstration)


Nice work but this will never be fixed

Pretty much, same with the R34 tail lights.

Sadly, I doubt the developers will actually fix the many texture issues we have with various cars…i.e. the Lexus RC-F, Nissan Silvia K’s aero, (the one with the Rocket Bunny “Boss” kit) Ferrari 458 Italia, (A void appears where the Ferrari shields go, when you apply the widebody kit, and makes it impossible to vinyl that particular area) and the Acura NSX (the one with the widebody)…just to name a few.

Yeah I’m well aware of that haha.
The main reason I posted this was due to it irking me, and now I can carry on knowing I at least tried to do something about it.

I’ve come to learn (and this is only my opinion) that the Forza franchise heavily relies upon recycling the same formula time and time again while only introducing one or few new quirks to help sell new copies and bring in the cash. In time there may be one or two major bug fixes, but any minor fixes or any actual new content (other than cars) won’t ever happen.

I could get into a bit of a rant about the lack of Forza’s progression but that would end up off topic so I’ll leave it for another time and place.

Sorry to bump, but saw this in a Google search result when trying to compare the R32 Skyline GT-R from Forza 7, and Gran Turismo Sport.

GT Sports version is so incredibly accurate it’s not funny, whereas Forza’s version is improved from previous Forza’s, but something about it still isn’t right… The dimensions seem slightly out, the front headlights look wrong, indicators are the wrong colour and so on. The car also seems quite ‘blocky’. I think it’s just a rehashed version of the original one they made, instead of rebuilt from ground up again.

It’s just something that’s bugged me for years with Forza, GT has always had the upper hand in terms of car accuracy, even back in GT2 the dimensions look as accurate as can be expected from that era. Can’t really vouch for many other cars, i’m just a huge Skyline fan. Own two R32’s myself, and know a number of people with R32 GT-R’s and have driven a few of them. So the little things bug me. :wink:

No thousands of likes - no fix

Still a problem in the latest Forza games… bet it’ll be the exact same in Horizon 5 too :face_vomiting:

Not to mention the wheels modelled are actually normal GTR wheels which are 16" not 17" as in game… the 17" are a BBS mesh wheel… big yikes Turn 10