R private race @ 1900 gmt every night till late

I’m just seeing if this works as there is a serious lack of competitive players online at the moment and near impossible to set up a private race with more than 3 or 4 people… There is usually 3 or 4 of us on most nights from 1900 gmt we race leaderboard cars and tunes, our lap times are usually within 1 or 2 seconds of the number 1 time on the leaderboard. We all speak English and actively talk in a party, but it doesn’t matter what language you speak all are welcome. Although we spend most of our time racing we do set challenges for each other last night we attempted to beat 1.33 in the ultima gtr round hockehiem with ghosts on and compare lap times 1 of us got a 1.34 clean so we are close. don’t worry if your not that fast if your willing to learn and want to improve then join us and we will try and give some sound advice

so if you interested in racing the most competitive cars in r class (excluding f1 cars) then please add me or post your gamer tag here and I will add you.

I will add a list here of confirmed drivers

Koos Spee (comes on about 2300 gmt)
Mikall NonSense

R class
Any track
Any car except the classic f1 cars
we all decide to do something diffrent together.
But most of all we have a laugh and don’t take each other out to win. We are not desperate to win races

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My GT: PxuLL message me when its goingdown :slight_smile:

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Well I’m a bit disappointed in the response. I really thought there would be more people in the same boat as us who wanted some clean and competitive racing.

I have set a game up feel free to join in on us b4 we have to go back into the crazy hoppers

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So is this going to happen every night? I may be on tomorrow if it’s happening?
I am not brilliant at racing, but slowly getting better + I’ve just bought a wheel which I am just getting the hang of, Ha!
Just want some half decent racing, I’m not that fussed if I come last, just don’t wanna be taken out on every corner or when overtaking. Every online race I’ve been in so far, I’ve ended up being bashed at the start and last place by the first corner!

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Yeah we are on nearly every night, I’m still on now. I will add u to my friends list. It was a bit if failure tonight and we ended up in the hoppers.

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Nice one, Not sure if I will be able to talk on chat though, I have turtle beach headphone but my thrustmaster Tx has no where visable for me to plug the mic bit into…

Use your controler sign in on it as another profile join a party you should be able to chat while using a wheel

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I’m sure you will figure that out but its not important to chat, as long as we have some good close racing that’s all that matters. I have never used a steering wheel before so I cant help set it up, however If you do decide to back to controller I can make that work better than it does by default, the adjustments I make gain you 200th to 500th of a second per lap.

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What cars are everyone using in this class? I dont have an R class car yet so wouldnt mind a decent car setup if anyone wants to share :slight_smile:

don’t worry about cars, if you got the money we can tell which car which tune for every track. but if you want to get a head start buy these cars

#4 mclarean m8b
#21 Nissan racing r382
ultima gtr
hennesey venom
radical sr8
pagani zonda
#007 aston martin ( not so competitive but great handling car)

we are currently looking at
#31 lancia


Hi there i will be in.

IS i t possible to drive my "14 Gallardo ST all assists off to train my vlbst series?

GT: Mikall NonSense

Haven’t got clue what your trying to do but it’s all good by me. I have added u to the list and my friends list.

yea, sign in with wheel. turn controller on, and then make sure you have controller plugged in to usb or the controller will go inactive after a little while.

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Sounds like fun and I am not into crashing any one so is only class R or any class if we will all do same also I am PST San Diego ca

personally I only like r class but my friends race p class as well and I get dragged along. the main aim of this post is to encourage extremely competitive racing, I’m very confident that a few nights racing with us can make anyone faster if your not already faster. we have r class sorted we know all the fastest cars and tunes for every track, but we keep finding faster tunes. I don’t think it will be long before the classic f1 cars get wiped off the leaderboard, there is already an ultima gtr at no2 on hockenhiem, and the radicals are catching up on the alps tracks

Would like to join

Nice 1 more the better. I have been blasting the r class leagues this week it’s been really good and some very close racing. You should all give it a try, I’m in the pinnacle league currently at number 1 but I could easily loose that in a few races

Especially because a good portuion of the points is based on participation.

I’m down, ePiiC IBullet

I’m going to do a new post with some information so please look out for it, thanks lbullet raced you many times will add you to the list