quick way to gain experience for the roulette ?

yes, after the billboards is there a quick way to gain levels for the roulette, I am currently level 63

Skill points and buy the xp packs with them. :blush: The top is 40,000xp at a time.

horizon edition car with xp bonus

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I have an XP bonus car, any particular event for good gain ?

Blue print longer laps for circuit races.

I’ve only got Byron bay to level 5 - and that one gave a Goliath circuit (runs circumference of whole map) and it gives quite a bit in XP/ fans and if you can get away from drivatars to the point to keep skills chains going and clean skills running you would get more XP for that aspect too. Other festivals may have similar large circuits or races, I’m not sure though.

XP is awarded for driving (length of course)
Perks bonus (if you have that perk)
HE car (if you have that car that has XP bonus)
Skills bonus
Clean racing
And line up bonus (the drivers you have signed)

So you’ll want to concentrate on those aspects in races.