Quick sand in the outback!

I’m sure many of you have run into glitches while playing FH3 but this was a new one to me…

Quick sand GetPhoto (3) by sbvwfanatic805, on Flickr

while bonziing through the dunes, Range Rover (Doh! Landrover…) lurched to a total stop. Had to quick travel to get unstuck.


Not only did it get stuck but it changed into a Landrover Defender 90 as well… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


ha ha and the quicksand is so close to the road. Better be careful next time :slight_smile:

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That happened to me in the cj5 when that pack went live. I was bouncing thru the dunes then pft. Stuck. Took a pic cuz it was too weird to not take one. But I haven’t done it since.


I’ve had it happen to me with that car about 6 times. It made one of my rivals runs a nightmare because it liked to happen at a specific jump…
I’m thinking it’s a car specific glitch cause it never happened before or since.

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Came across this glitch during the Cult Classic races. After each race, more and more of the avatar cars, were showing up w/the Isetta paint on them…
FH3 glitch II GetPhoto by sbvwfanatic805, on Flickr

I gotta pay attention more I guess. The only glitches I’ve seen are the wheels seemingly not touching the ground when at the festivals.

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Yeah, each time I try to take a photo :frowning:

This happened to me back in the original Horizon.


LOL - that’s funny! For real!

I had this happen to me in the original Horizon game. Apparently there isn’t just quicksand, there’s wet cement as well!

I find it interesting that we were both using the same car at the time.

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The Forza game engine hates TVRs it seems - this is so g00fy :smiley:

Wasn’t there a glitch/cheat in the original game where people were glitch in against a building to get skill points?


Thought I was going a bit crazy each time I watched the cut scene of my car leaving the festival site, glad I’m not! Does ruin the magic a bit when your car appears to be floating!