Quick Question

Would I still be able to buy all the Forza games and get a 15000 score on the forums? I think some if not all games require DLC purchases to 100% here but since I can’t do that would it even things out and allow to to get a perfect score? Thanks for any help.

DLC purchases for Forza Motorsport 4 and older games are no longer possible.

Additionally, no Unicorns are being handed out for games older than Forza Motorsport 6 so any Achievements tied to those are unattainable.

Finally, I am not sure about the server status of older titles, and which ones still have access to online features.

In short: It’s possible to get a full “Forza score” on any of the Xbox One titles, but doubtful when it comes to Xbox 360 games.

Thanks for the quick reply! A mod can close this thread if they want now.