Quick question: how many paints can we have?

Can I paint every single car in the game?


Nope, you can’t have a custom livery for every car. According to a quick search limit is around 450ish paint files

Isn’t that just what you can save? I was under the impression it’s the same deal as tuning - as in you can save that many liveries to certain cars so you can reload previous ones but you can paint and add decals to as many as you like and just have them permanently on that car. I have hit my tune save limit but I can still tune cars and leave that car tuned that way. I hope it’s the same.

Might be misunderstanding, never come close to the limit - so don’t know 100%.

But if I save a paint to the car, that creates a livery file for the car. I would assume that file counts within the limit, even if I choose not to share it.

With tunes you can apply the tune - that may or not create a file. Don’t know to be honest. As I understand it, it’s a cloud file save limitation outside of T10’s control. So it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Pretty sure that DamMe is right. With painting and liveries … anything other than the color you choose when you initially acquire a car counts as one of your paint ‘saves’. And there is a limit, but I also am not sure what the exact number is … but pretty sure it’s significantly less than the number of actual cars in the game.

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I have reached my limit. That’s why I was asking.

Thank you all!