Quick question about leveling up.

I just bought Forza Horizon 2 and I’m loving it. But I’m a bit confused about the leveling up. From what I understand, the Xbox One version (which I do not have) lets you play a minigame at each level-up in which you can win cash or free cars, but the Xbox 360 version doesn’t have this minigame. So what is/was the original point of the leveling up? Does it affect anything at all? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

it’s not really a mini game. it’s just a wheelspin where you get random cash and sometimes a car, doesn’t really affect anything at all…sometimes you get money, mostly get small amounts about 3000-8000
with VIP you get double cash and when you get a car you get the cash value of the car as well

Well thank you for informing me on that. But I’m still wondering if there is any point to leveling up in this version of the game, which doesn’t have the wheelspin feature at all. Does it unlock anything for you? Help in any way whatsoever, or is it just for bragging rights?

When you level up on the 360 version you got a set amount of credits regardless of your level. If I remember it was a tiny amount… After so many levels you get a different coloured wristband, this gives you a credit bonus. Apart from that, your level is for bragging rights.
Skill points are worth concentrating on, for the different bonuses they give you.