Questions from a potential customer

Hi all, I’m thinking about making the move up from a 360 and Forza 4 to a Xbone and Forza 5, but I wanted to check a couple of things have been fixed first:

  1. Manual with clutch - on Forza 4 this gave you an advantage beyond just having a shorter shift time, you’d get a little speed boost every time you re-engaged the clutch. Most noticeably on race starts where if you used the clutch and other didn’t you’d leave them for dead.

  2. Clutch button on the wheel - in F4 there was no way to be able to use a button clutch on the wheel AND retain the ability to look left and right and behind you. It just needed a new button mapping option to fix.

  3. Interior view mirror. The race series I ran in Forza 4 would regularly force in-car view. The problem was that you could rarely see the mirrors BUT there was no option to add a “fake” mirror to the HUD like in roof view for example. Combined with “2” above it was really difficult to race close and clean.

4)I don’t suppose a proximity indicator has been added like the on in Gran Turismo or the F1 game from codemasters?

Cheers guys! They might seem like small issues but they really affected my enjoyment of Forza 4 and they seem like small fixes. Xbox one + FF wheel is going to set me back £500 at least so I’m doing my research!

Clutch is the same but not sure about wheel functionality. Camera views are the same. The distance meter from FM4 was removed and its very difficult at times knowing where everyone is.

Also with the HUD they removed the part showing your fastest lap and last lap times. They also removed the diagram showing the in race leaderboard.

  1. Yes, manual with clutch is still part of the global difficulty system, meaning you will always have a slight advantage when using it. This also applies to cars without manual clutch in real life.

  2. Nope, its the same. It still doesnt offer free button mapping so you would have only “look back” if you use a clutch button

  3. Im not 100% sure, but i’ve never seen an option to show a virtual mirror in cockpit view.

  4. Nope, no proximity indicator :frowning: You get zero information about distance or time-gap to the car in front or behind you. T10 doesnt think that this has to be in a race game…

edit: whoops, didnt see that Swerve has replied already

I’ll say first that I am enjoying FM5. The physics are good, frame rates are good, the graphics are fantastic and the controller feedback is fantastic. However, you are using the wheel so forget the the trigger feedback - it doesn’t help you.

I think the only thing you are going to be getting in FM5 is better graphics and some newer super cars like LaFerrari and P1. And of course you can benefit from the new console features (“xbox record that”, instant switching, TV, better chat, etc…) None of the stuff you are asking about from Forza 4 has been fixed. And as the other guys mentioned above, some other features have been taken away with no real explanation. (like distance to the car in front and behind you…) There are a lot less race cars and a lot less tracks. But they’ve done a good job of adding tracks back in to make the count acceptable now. Also, if you want to use a wheel, your going to have to buy a new one.

I actually held off buying the game and the Xbox One due to lack of tracks and race cars as well as Turn 10’s failure to add features such as weather, time of day changes, pit stop strategy, and pit stop animations. I had purchased GT6 instead but outside of dynamic weather and time of day changes, I didn’t care for that game at all. It was mostly frame rate issues, terrible sounds and a major pit stop bug that they seemed unwilling to fix that drove me back to Forza. When Turn 10 released Long Beach, I finally made the decision to sell the PS3 and pick up the Xbone and FM5. **It has been a major upgrade despite the lack for tracks and race cars.

I would certainly recommend moving to Xbox One and Forza 5 from GT6. But I don’t know if i’d recommend buying the new console to upgrade from FM4 to FM5 at this point unless you really want the improved graphics - or if you race with a group that have all upgraded. But if you choose to upgrade now and don’t like FM5… Project cars is just around the corner and you’ll need a next gen console to play! (or a good pc)

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Regardless of Forza 5 functionality, the xbox one is a great device and will only improve over time. I was reluctant at first, but now I consider it to be a must have device for reasons too numerous to mention here.

Agreed. I absolutely love the xbox one. Its a terrific system. The voice commands can be buggy at times, but I love being able to multitask and tell it to turn on (which then automatically turns on my tv) or pause a tv show or moviea if I need to do something else for a moment. I primarily use mine for TV and xbox fitness.

It is weird how the split time indicator that’s been an option since at least FM2 (it was pretty much the only HUD element I used all the way through 2-4) isn’t in FM5 at all. Hopefully FM6 has all the options and whatnot back.

Yeah, absolutely weird, its beyond my imagination how such an essential feature can be removed (and never been re-added via update). And the fact that it has been rushed to be a launch title is no excuse in this case.

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Thanks for the responses guys! It’s a bit disappointing to hear that. I know Microsoft don’t owe me anything, but a lot of those issues could with fixed with 5 minute’s programming!

Outlier - I also crossed to the “dark side” and tried GT6. Is the major pit stop bug you refer to the one where your tyres are slower and wear faster after a pit stop? If so they FINALLY fixed that one in the last few months. The vacuum cleaner engine sounds do grate though! GT6 has a lot of features that really should be in Forza, and vice versa. I think we need to lock Dan Greenawalt and Kazunori Yamauchi in a room and refuse to let them out until they agree to make a racing sim together :D.

Definitely looking forward to Project Cars - I was going to build a small PC to run it (I also race on iRacing so it would get used for that), but I guess the Xbox One works out cheaper… ah bugger it I’m going to crack and get one aren’t I!

I’ve been wanting something like the arrows on the HUD in the F1 games to be added to Forza for some time. I play in-car only and it’s awkward for me to reach for a stick to wiggle it around to look around, so having little arrows indicating that there’s a car at my four o’clock or a car at seven o’clock would be great.

The last I played was GT5, as I never felt compelled to bother with GT6, like most GT players (GT6 sold at a fraction of the rate of GT5) but fans had a grocery list of complaints, all very valid. In GT5 the shadows looked bad, but when I played the GT6 demo they were a crime against humanity and actually distracting because of their wonky behavior. Rolling starts are horrible and PD replaced most standing starts with rolling starts in GT5, and from what I gather it’s the same horrible design in GT6. Then there’s the fact that the “racing” was boring as it wasn’t really a race so much as they string a parade of slower traffic ahead of you for like half a mile and you casually overtake the parade. People weren’t happy with the lack of any sort of livery editor, despite years of fan request for one, and the paint chip system is daft. GT5 had a twenty-mil cap on cash, which made no sense, so if you had near 20 million and then earned enough to exceed that, most of your earnings vanished into a black hole. They had cars that cost 20 million, so once you bought one you had 0 credits and couldn’t even afford an oil change because 20 million was the upper limit, so you had to go run another race and come back with cash for an oil change, not to mention any upgrades you might want. B-Spec was like watching paint dry and like three players in the world ever enjoyed chores like the oil changes or car washing. And how could I forget the fact that the bulk of the game’s content is copy-pasted from PlayStation 2? I don’t mean cars that were on PS2 and then remodeled for PS3, but simply copy-pasted to PS3. 80% of GT5 looked like a PS2 game… because 80% of it was a PS2 game…, but on PS3.

i own both and honestly i play forza 4 alot more than i play forza 5 currently. i bucket listed forza 4 long ago and there are cars i still dont own yet. it only took a couple of months in fm5 to not have anything left to spend credits on.

and your fm4 wheel is not going to work on xbox one. i do like the xbox one, but i wouldn’t buy it just for forza 5. and if you need telemetry in replays to tune your cars thats gone too. you can download tunes others have done for free, and paints. auction house and gifting are gone. you cant even sell your cars back to the game any more, but thats not really a big deal since credits are so easy to earn.