Questions for Turn10 about some inconsistency

Hello, first of all, forgive my bad english, i’m not fluent.

So my first question is:

  • Do you really think the whole world is american?
    I ask that because almost every cars in the game use the imperial system…seriously?
    For american cars i can understand it’s more immersive, but for europeans or asian cars?
    Americans are almost the only one to still use imperial system and you put this like it’s a normal thing for the rest of the world to use this too…
    I play without any HUD and i never know what real speed i drive at because of your stupid decision to put imperial everywhere…

Changing it on game setting don’t change anything, all cars (almost all cars) have 100% MPH or when they have the normal metric system (KPH) it’s so small under the MPH that i can’t see either…

It’s really boring because on most tracks i use my speed to know when brake or at what speed i’ll take the next turn…
And i want to play this game without any HUD, and it seems that’s the only way to know at what speed i’m…

Another thing that quite bothers me is why putting some english or japanese cars with the steering wheels on left side???
Again because in america the Aston Martin or other Honda have the steering wheels on the left side?
It’s not realistic.
Use the side of the original country AND the metric system of each original country and you have the best racing game ever produced.

I really really like the game, but those thing really bother and annoys me.

I really hope you’ll change at last the metric system for non-american people, i know that changing the steering wheels is impossible, too much work to do.

Oh and btw, the “knight” outfit has a collision bug in internal view in the BMW 3.0L CSL.

It all comes down to the actual car they had in hand with which to do the modeling work. You can’t choose or alter the instruments.


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The scan the cars that are available to both Turn 10 and Playground. For instance the Jaguar XE is a UK spec car, while the Jaguar F-Pace is a US spec car, I personally don’t find that big of a deal, yeah I don’t like the US regulation headlights on the non US stuff, but its not a big deal. Anyway the Aston would be in MPH if it were a UK spec so that one doesn’t matter, but cars with digital speedo should be able to be changed, as between games they’ve fixed a lot of the digital speedos in UK cars from reading KMH to MPH.

The in game menu and HUD should have customisable units as the many countries use different metric units for power and torque and in the UK there is a mix of metric and imperial, even for the same measurement. Not many use KW, many would prefer PS or metric HP, whereas in the UK, BHP and MPH is used universally, but for things like torque, pressure, distance, different people will use different units. So many of us in the UK are stuck using US units and that means having to use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius and Pounds instead of KG, although the irony of that is most of us will weigh our selves in Stone. I think that is the bigger issue.

Using trackside scenery and braking boards is how the pros brake. Using speed isn’t great as you could have had a poor/better exit from the last corner and there for have a different speed ad braking wont be consistent.


So why is the Nissan R34 GTR using MPH with a 180 max speed?
Even in the game the car run far away from 180, but far more than 180MPH? I don’t think so, i think they didn’t do they job well on metric systems used on different cars…

Thx for your complete answer, like you said, the digital cars must change with the player’s choices.
I know that many measurement exist through the world, but they can use the most used worldwide instead of using an old and not-so-in-use metric system, or at last making they job well and making the 2 versions, with a 100Go game it’s not one or two Go more that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

And for the trackside it’s not like that that i’ve made since i play video games, it’s not my habits and it’s hard to change that kind of habits :smiley: