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Hey guys, i’ve always raced without assists, but for the last 2 Forza games i’ve wanted to make it a bit more realistic as far as using assists that the real world counterparts would use, i.e. cars that have paddle shift i use manual w/o clutch now. But as far as traction control, particularly in race cars, i just dont follow racing enough to know what’s been going on. To GT cars and Prototype cars use traction and stability in real life? What about ABS? I imagine most road cars, even super cars all have ABS nowadays, though ABS is one assist i dont think i can turn on ever again, cuz i’m so used to no ABS.

Thanks guys

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Ok, well, that helps a little

These options in forza are not true to life they’re more of a difficulty setting. Use or dont use whatever makes you faster.


Very true. The Audi in my garage drives nothing like the one in Forza. Or the '77 Rabbit or Alfa GTV-6 I had. The Alfa may have been more fun than the one in Forza.

Everyone is different. F1 and some other divisions have TCS and STM (generally now moulded into one system) that can be made more or less stringent with the turn of a switch - now something fitted to high end road cars.

Ferrari’s little red switch on the steering wheel is a good example, with the different settings giving different allowances of slip, and the same with their equivalent of STM.

In the real world, you also find flappy paddle gearboxes and double-clutch systems are stupidly quick at changing gear ratios. We’re talking quicker than you can blink, and so fast you don’t actually feel the change take place with no measurable, significant drop in the powerband. In other words, you get a shift much much quicker than any person could do manually, and this is why the manual is sadly dying as a performance option.

In Forza, we have these settings that we can change as we please, and of course, everyone is different. For cars with ddouble-clutch systems, I use ‘manual’, but stick shift boxes I use ‘manual w/ clutch’. Although this means I have to change the option regularly, it’s how I prefer to drive. Manual cars on FM change really slowly in just manual, precious time when doing rivals, and doesn’t give the immediacy I require. I don’t use ABS because the brake pressure that the system limits is very safe, and without it you find that you can actually brake better and harder - you just need to find the sweet spot in every car, and it’s something that will come naturally.

Same with the TCS and STM. I find the game’s system too safe, and cuts in way too early. Of course, this makes the game easier and more forgiving for novice racers, but for the more hardcore racers, it’s far too naggy. Again, driving without takes practice (especially with more powerful cars with more playful rear ends) but it’s something you pick up over time.

I always recommend driving without ABS, TCS, and STM on, the game becomes a whole lot more fun because one needs to preempt and concentrate more - it makes it more rewarding.

Does this help at all? I feel I may have gone on a tangent a little. Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll help where I can :slight_smile:

It bugs me a lot that these systems are seen in Forza as generic difficulty settings. I wish there was an option to set shifting, abs, tcs and stm to what the car you are driving has in real life. For examle :

Braking : abs on / abs off / simulation
Shifting : auto / man w. clutch / man w.o. clutch / simulation
Stm : on / off / simulation
Tcs : on /off / simulation

I would set all these at simulation within an instance and never change them back. When I would drive the classic Corvette C1 for example I would drive the car as it would be in real life: no abs, no stm or tcs and that 2-speed automatic gearbox just as in real life. When I then switch to a modern prototype racer the game would change in the background to abs, stm, tcs and manual w.o. clutch. Etc etc.

For a game that calls itself a simulation it’s unbelievable something as simple as this isn’t even possible.

It doesn’t call itself a simulation. Greenawalt has said they are not making simulations. It’s not a simulation.