Questions about Fanatec CSR wheel usage and FM7

Do you turn on your XBOX using the wheel, some other controller or the button on the front of the XBOX?

Does it make any difference now which method is used? I think I remember at one time the method used did make a difference. I always turn on my XBOX using the wheel.

Which version of the firmware for the wheel (CSR V2) are you using?

I am currently using 246 and find that it works really well with both FM6 and H3. I see that version 292 is the current latest version that’s available.

Would upgrading to the latest version help with the “issues” some of us are having determining which game and wheel settings give the right feeling?


I have a Fanatec Clubsport V2. I am pretty sure I have an older version. I got the wheel at the V2 launch and updated it at arrival and once since but a quite awhile ago.
I have never had a great update as it always got updated but I am not the best tech wise and it took me awhile every time. I have not updated in awhile now as it feels good and I do t want to ru. Into issues and not get them resolved.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I love how the wheel feels in FM7 but it took me several hours to get a FFB setting I like. With the FM7 Demo you change a setting wait 2 min for the game to load and test the adjustment. If it need additional adjusting quit race and watch FM7 adds for another 2 min then change setting and repeat. It takes about 5 min per setting change…takes forever!