Some bitter racer reported me as a modder today.
The only “modders” I know ride scooters and hate rockers. My old ass had to look it up on the urban dictionary to find out what it meant.
Is there anyway to counteract this, as to get where I am took months, and with all my fury about tapping in corners I doubt I would do if even if I knew how.
Am I going to lose all my progress over this because it will be the last straw if I do as playing the game honestly takes months to get the cars and money.
I told the guy how to make money, and learn the tracks, and he did it anyway.

If you are not modding you have nothing to worry about. Make sure and follow the terms of Use and Code of Conduct. Neither Turn 10 or Microsoft ban someone just because 1 person reports you. There HAS to be a reason they find when reviewing any reports.

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Phew. Just got the 250 California and put the “NRVOUS” number plate on it too.
Save Ferris

Thanks for your reply

If the powers-that-be decide to observe you, and you’re not doing wrong, nothing should come of it. I wouldn’t worry.

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I remember some crazy german chap in FH1 that would report you for beating him. You know cause he was that good that you must be cheating to beat him.

Although it wasn’t just me that was the brunt of his rantings, I personally was accused of everything from modding to lag switching.

If you are legit, no stress :slight_smile:

In FH1 I was accused of modding the Bugatti motor into my Celica lol

Seabs take it as a compliment - you were too quick for them.

I am just thinking… you must have massacred this guys time for him to have come up with that one ! lol

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LOL, massacreing times is his thing.

Especially since I am not aware of any Bugatti engine in the original Forza Motorsport. Quite a theory.

there were hex editors made for the original fm1. they even had photo real paint jobs because you could use photos and photoshop and put them in the game. i wondered how some people painted so life like so i yahooed it. often they did it with a kodak.

even last week on the fm4 board snow to someone they were banned for selling cars with parts on them that are not in the game on the auction house. and hte 360 is much more secure than the original xbox was. there are some sheaters out there.

Yeah, I am fully aware of the modding that took place in the original Forza Motorsport days in which one could sneakily alter the coding parameters to mimic any sort of engine output. I was merely referring to the fact that an actual Bugatti motor did not exist. Just semantics is all.

Iam friend of Smurfs and he is legit racer and we discuss racing and how to improve tunes and lap times and not one time has he ever brought up the word credits even i n our conversations he does everything the right way so find this outrageous.

Woops i thought Smurf was being accused my error and oplogies!

I bought every DLC in Horizon 2 (Storm Island, Car Pass, VIP and Treasure Map) and it has been more than 48 hours since I purchased them all and my rewards tier still hasn’t updated. Help please! I am VERY frustrated that there is no email or phone number. It says search the forum first because contacting us but there us no number or email for when you search and there is nothing on your problem! I am an avid Forza fan and am very disappointed. Please help ASAP.

Must be some kind of frustration, I don’t know. I’ve been reported and heavily insulted too recently for being a gold 999 lol (xbox 360). There’s really some incredibly crazy people out there in the digital south of europe. I hope there is some kind of “turn10/playground observation team” out there to check all accusations.

By the way: Merry Christmas to everyone, even to the named crazy people :wink:

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I one of those people that are lost when it comes to this as i had to look up “Troll” because i could only think of the little momster until my wife told me what it meant and doent Turn 10 have ways to know if someone is doing it because on the Dreamcast back in the day people would play PhantasyStar and try to doop rare weapons and their machines would reset and they would lose all theiir saved data.Isnt their a way to implent that into the game to avoid cheating or “modding”

In FH1 i had a pagani huayra r3 and i won and got accused of cheating lol…wondered how rubbish that guy must’ve been xD

Being called a modder is a compliment… There is only one reason a fast legit driver gets accused of cheating and that’s because u are faster than the lobby.

I personally enjoy finding other fast racers and try to become friends with them as long as they are fast and clean. The other fast guys accuse me of modding so i walk them thru on how to report me while I beat them over and over until they leave. Being called a modder is a sign that they haven’t realized they aren’t the fastest one out there. Every time it happens just smile and wave because u have nothing to worry about.