Question: windows version ownership

If I have bought Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox. Can I give my free pc version of FH3 to a friend without having the same user?

Nope. Needs to be the same account. :blush: hence why they don’t do play anywhere with disk versions as they would lose out.

You don’t get a second copy as far as I know. Your friend will need to log in on your Microsoft account on his PC to play and you will be unable to log in to your Xbox One version when he does so.

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What The Novacat says. You can’t just give the version you don’t need to someone else. Both versions will be tied to your account and only one of you can access it at a time.
So you could give them access and split the cost or whatever, but you wouldn’t be able to play against each other or even at the same time.
That’s what the current info states.

:frowning: Thanks for helping out.

Hey. If i buy Forza Horizon 3 for PC digitally, will my brother be able to play it on the same PC with his user? Basically the same concept as if I had the disc for Xbox One (I don’t have an Xbox One). Let me know if my question is unclear. I have been looking for an answer to this question for weeks with no luck.

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Nope. The game is locked to your xbox account. So it can only be played with your account as far as I know

Really? That really sucks! I mean I pay 100$ for the ultimate edition, and for my brother to be able to play the ultimate edition, he also has to pay 100$? Actually, It’s about 110$ because it’s more expensive in Norway.

More around 130 really. CDON ain’t to bad. But there’s shipping. My guess is gamestop would be the cheapest. And just pick it up around release. My guess around 999,- somewhere. Bought it for 899,- digitally tho. So saved me some bucks. All tho I only did it cause I want to play it on pc. And yes. You to get the lambo on gamestop in Norway as well (Leken som følg me. Sjøl om d ikkje virke som store kvaliteta på’n) And yes. I know what im talking about :stuck_out_tongue: But as far as I know yes. It’s the reason you can play it on both pc and xbox. It’s tied to the xbox account. So everything you do on pc also happens on xone, and visa versa.

I definitely wont buy it from CDON. I do not have an Xbox One, so the disc is useless for me. You’re saying you pre ordered the 899 NOK one, right? The one from microsoft store or whatever? Because that’s what I was gonna go with.

Just used the xbox app on w10 really. Got that and forza hub on my computer :stuck_out_tongue: Found it to be the most easy way to do it. not sure what Microsoft store will take tho. And yup. Considering im Norwegian myself it’s NOK for sure :slight_smile: Don’t get the car or hard chase. But at least I spared some bucks

I don’t see it on the xbox app on win10

Weird. Just serached it up in the store. Found it with ease. But im sure you can always just go for MS store. All tho I could only find the deluxe edition on MS store

It’s in the Xbox One section of the store, not the Windows 10 one.

You get the Ford Mustang GT350R if you pre order from microsoft I think.