(Question) why aren’t player loading in.. (pc)

Ok so i have been playing this game for a while now and as soon as they released the fortune island dlc thingy. And after that i see lots of player on the menu map. But non is loading in. Except the one player who is on the other side of the map who is waayyy out of the normal load in range can bearly see the name and level from that distance. Anyone else having this odd issue?

Very annoying but from what I hear, normal. Apparently the game only renders 12 players at a time. But as to why those aren’t the 12 closest players to you is what I want to know.
To add, I also have an open support ticket on this complaint. Here is the latest reply on it

Thx for the reply ^^ hope u get some answers from them soon after new years. Also if u remember and have the time could you reply here if u get an answer? ^^