Question to Devs about AutoX barrels

I’m assuming this is a perception thing, that putting properly sized cones in game are a bit annoying to try and follow on a standard TV. Now I also know talking about Oculus Rift in FM6 may be a bit early, but let’s say we get full integration at the start of 2016…

Would having full emersion make a switch to an actual Autocross format plausible? Would you play it?

Before I do my big Project Devens post I wanted to grab some feedback on this…


I’m not sure why you would even want Oculus Rift for Forza, have you seen it with Forza Motorsport 5? It’s hilariously pointless.


For greater immersion of course. But yeah, it needs to be in cockpit view to work. Or at least, to not be incredibly disorienting, heh.

That’s Horizon but you’ve got a point. The Rift is nothing like I envisaged it to be, I thought it was supposed to give you the impression being “in” the game, if that makes sense.

I thought that the consoles wouldn’t be powerful enough to put so much juice on immersing you into the game, but I was afraid to comment because everyone would call me an elitist…I’m not an elitist.

That was a mistake, the driver should have been using cockpit view.

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