Question regarding rewind...

I haven’t had really any experience with Forza5 beyond creating a tuning setup for a friend’s coworker and a few shakedown laps of that tune.
What I’d like to know is if they’ve fixed my most hated issue with Forza4(rewind inexplicably disabling itself on the last lap of a race, several turns from the finish, which completely defeats the entire purpose of the feature[undoing late race mistakes so you don’t have to restart and run those 5+ laps over again]!)?
My most recent experience with this issue occurred on Road America where failure to execute ‘the kink’ perfectly put me into the outside wall. Several. Turns. Before. The finish.
The thing with me is that I will flip right the hell out if my vehicle sustains any damage during a race(especially collision damage caused by AI drivers), which otherwise meant between 1-2 1/2 hours of restarts, trying to execute a flawless race, and if my rage-fueled rush through the menus accidentally resulted in my career repair cost stat reading something other than zero(be it a collision, missed shift, or suspension damage from taking a bump to harshly[especially infuriating, as it often won’t trigger the damage pop-up on the hud]), I would delete the save file and start over - I’ve restarted all three 360 FM entries more than once(FM4 the most)…

So, is rewind still gonna be an issue for me when I finally get my hands on Forza5, or am I gonna add that to the list of issues others have with Forza5 and wait for Forza6 before I finally get a XB1…?


Rewind is available to you always except for the first 200 yards after starting a race; once your car goes from “ghost” to “solid” after a start, you will be able to rewind.

Although I do understand your anxiety, you might be in for a treat then; the AI in FM5 (especially if you dare crank up the difficulty) WILL damage your car unless you tip-toe the first lap (or laps) and learn if/where/how corners are being cut/avoided by the AI.

Rewind is also not available just before the finish line, unsure of the distance but it’s usually the last turn/last straight.

I’m pretty sure the kink is included in the rewind time this game but I can’t confirm 100%.

That’s weird to restart a game over getting damage. Who cares. Damage will happen when racing at high speeds. You’ll end up hating FM5 because it is very difficult to get through the field without damage. The AI isn’t the boring predictable drivers of previous games.

And how is it that you are running flawless races if you must use rewind? Seems to me your oddly obsessed with the damage statistics. If its that big of a deal, sell the car and start up fresh with a new one.

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Unfortunately, knowing I shouldn’t really care about it doesn’t stop me from REALLY caring about it…

EDIT: Like, to an unhealthy degree…

Actually, the rewind feature disables itself if at least one AI have crossed the finish line before you. It’s easier to notice that in multi-class races in FM4. It might be the same in FM5, but don’t mark my words for it since I haven’t played FM5 enough to check that.

And RPM Swerve is right. Why should you obsess over damage? If it’s for credits, turn off the damage. If it’s the visuals, then that’s your problem.

I recommend ignoring rewind and pretending it doesn’t exist.

I race the AI on unbeatable with sim damage on in the career events and with patient and tactful driving, I have no problem winning. And I never rewind. My car rarely gets anything other than a superficial dent or three.

Every now and again there’ll be some AI boneheaded move that results in massive damage to my vehicle. I just restart, no biggie. It doesn’t happen enough to annoy me.

It’s a racing game…might as well race. Damage happens in real racing, cars often get banged up a little here and there no matter what type of racing it is.

With the amount of cars available to use in each career series, you could replay the races to your hearts content after you get Gold once, so what’s the harm in restarting a race every once in awhile?

That’s the way I look at it anyway. I’ve hardly played half of the career yet, I spend most of my time racing in the hoppers lately.

We can rewind? All this time I just accepted my fate on track and went about business as usual…Actually I’m aware of the ability to rewind…Just never used it.