Question regarding reporting

Just wanted to get some feedback from folks who may have gone through the process of reporting unsportsmanlike conduct previously. I can appreciate that the time of folks like Snowowl is important so wanted to understand the point at which someone behaving badly warrants reporting them.

I know if you have situations where someone is a blatant crasher you can report them and get them banned, however, how bad does that behaviour need to be? I have had 2 races in very recent memory where I have been against racers who don’t do the normal behaviour of smashing everything in sight, but they have intentionally crashed into me at a critical time in the race in order to gain position and league points.

Both situations had an identical pattern… 3-4 laps of close racing, the odd change in position when someone missed a corner, near identical lap times and pretty much good consistent braking and cornering from both of us. Same result both times too… Last lap, couple corners to go… All of a sudden the driver just happens to miss the braking point and smashes right into the back of me, sending me off into the fences and off they go to claim the better finishing position. I’m not talking a little nudge either, I’m talking about me being their brake and it is completely unlike the driving they have shown for several laps prior.

Now, thankfully with crasher number 2 in this situation, I got the opportunity to race him in several more races, getting far enough ahead in each (lucky run of tracks I am quickest at) that I could finish first in all of them. This made me feel a little better because I felt like some revenge was dished out. However, crasher number 1 left the lobby right after the incident and left me wanting to rage all over him.

Has anyone been in this position? Is it worth doing anything with these cases or do you just have to take in on the chin… or in this case up the rear end… and move on due to it being seen as a “one time incident”?

There are a lot of other threads around talking about the same situations. Sometimes it is a “one-time incident” and sometimes it is a pattern of unsportsmanlike behavior which occurs in other places on course or as also reported by not just you but three other people in three other different races.

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Thanks to Snowowl for the uncompensated time put in to help make the game enjoyable. As for the OP’s question, I’ve looked at the telemetry of the replay for each race I save for potential submission. There are times when the gamer is trying not to cause a crash and for whatever reason the car gets out of hand. I delete those files and move on. Then there are the ones who repeatedly do the same thing lap after lap. Thanks to Snowowl and T10 for suspending or reprimanding those yahoos.