Question regarding lost saves and design files

No, my save is still alright, but seeing how there were so many players experiencing corrupted save problems related to the Cloud, I’m indeed quite worry right now as I already spent quite some times painting even though I just bought the game not long ago.

Game progress doesn’t effect me that much, I can always start it over, but painting wise is a different story. Did any painters ever lost their save data before? Did it cause all your designs/layer files (that you created by yourself) to be lost as well? Also, is there a way to back up those files with usb WITHOUT risking messing with the Cloud? (The safest way possible)

I really want to be at least prepared…
Any reply will be appreciate…my hands are shaking in fear right now

To be clear, those posting that they are experiencing game save issues make up a very, very small populace of title owners; so, the number of posts regarding this subject should not worry you any more than you normally would be. To that end, I suggest you pay special attention to how you decide to end your Forza Motorsport 5 gaming session by effectively backing out of the game to the ‘Press A to start’ screen, return to the dashboard, press ‘start’ and opt to ‘quit’ Forza Motorsport 5. This is a good practice to ensure you are not closing the game during auto save and cloud communication activity.

Lastly, no - there is no way to backup any Forza game save files and any attempt to circumvent this has, in the past, resulted in the servers employing anti-cheat measures which will void your game save. So, in short: do your best to protect your gameplay data through proper game shutdown with hopes that no anomalies will affect your save. That’s all you can really do.

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Looks like I’ve been doing things wrong then, I just turn the Xbone right off with the start button when in-game (punch myself in the face). About the save files, so Xbone doesn’t allow you to backup the design saves too? Back in 360, the game save and design saves are in 2 separate files, and the design one allow backup if I remember correctly (At least I’m sure that’s in my usb, but how i did and is it done in a proper way I can’t remember). I always do backup while doing my own digital painting, it’s already a habit, if Xbone really doesn’t allow that, then this is going to be quite bothering…sigh

By the way, will main save corruption effect the design saves too? Will they still exist when I restart a new career save?

and, thanks for the reply, I’m really appreciate

It isn’t that it is wrong, per se, for doing it the way you describe, but all it takes is for the game to decide to auto save or connect to the Cloud and, if you quit while it does that, your save file is at risk for corruption.

Since Forza Motorsport 2 (if I remember correctly) game save files cannot be copied for backup purposes. This is to prevent cheating that had occurred early in the franchise. As for design files on the Xbox 360, I am uncertain of repercussions associated with attempting to back up those files; however, a back up of the primary game save file was an automatic file invalidation which required users to start their game progress all over from scratch.

I am uncertain as to what a corrupted game save file on the Xbox One will result in, as it relates to design files; however, as I have already stated, I think you are getting worried about something that has a relatively low occurrence and we general public have no understanding as to why those user’s game save files became corrupted. For all we know they quit the game during auto save or Cloud communications or had tried to modify their console/game save in some sort of fashion. That said, just be careful of how you quit the game and you’ll be doing all you can to prevent file corruption.

Understood, I’ll start by quiting the game step by steps from now on “do it slowly…”

I’m indeed overly worried over these type of matters haha. Quite some time ago, an incident occurs where I lost a 20+ hours (for me) of digital painting because of a faulty save, I was so involve into doing the painting that i completely forgot to do any backup.
haha I nearly had an heart attack that time and from that day I swear not to let any thing similar happen ever again!