Question Re The FH3 Level Icons

Hey guys, I have a question which has been bugging me since I saw it.

Besides our Gamertag on the game we have our Level in a box which is usually coloured blue, red, Bronze, Silver or Gold. All of which make sense… however, why do some not have a level or a colour but a Star in that box instead? I first saw that a few days ago and forgot to take a screen shot, so I wondered if anyone here knew.

What DOES it mean! :grimacing:

Cheers guys!

It means that they’re level 1000.



This. Once you get the star, however, you can still fill up the level up bar to earn additional wheelspins, though the star won’t change.

Ohhh I see. On FH2 the most you could get was 999 so I was expecting to see that still.

Thanks for the answer. Dumb question I know…