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Good afternoon!
I have my own Youtube channel for the Russian Community and they had a question.
In the race when overtaking is most often counted the “Pass” Skill. But sometimes there is a skill, for which give 100 points. Literally in our language skill is translated “Passed”, while" Pass “skill is translated"Side by side”.
Question is it a translation error or are there two different techniques?

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Air - All four wheels off the ground.
Burnout - Accelerate to lose traction while on pavement.
Clean Racing - No collisions in an amount of time?
Drafting - Follow an opponent within a certain distance at over 50(?)mph. Oncoming counts.
Drift - Slide sideways for at least (10 meters?) without using the E-brake.
E-Drift - Use the E-brake to slide sideways for at least (10 meters)?
Near Miss - Pass a car you are not racing against at at least (50mph?)
One Eighty - Use the E-brake to spin your car around and accelerate in the opposite direction.
Pass - Pass a car you are racing against.
Sketchy Pass - Pass with damage?
Skill Chain - Accumulate a skill chain multiplier?
Speed - Travel (450 meters?) while doing more than (100mph?) the entire way.
Trading Paint - Scrape a car as you pass (opposite directions?)
Two Wheels - Drive on two wheels (different axles)
Wreckage - Hit something breakable.

Combos - note that some of these may have a 30 second cool down to limit farming
Airborne Pass - Pass + Air
Clean Start - Start with no collisions
Crash Landing - Air + Wreckage
Daredevil - Near Miss + Near Miss + Near Miss
Drift Tap - Drift + ?
Ebisu Style - Drift + Air
Hard Charger - Start + Speed?
Kangaroo - Air + Air + Air
Landscaping - Wreckage on (fences? rural items?)
Lucky Escape - Drift + Near Miss
Great Skill Chain - Skill Chain with higher multiplier
Road Open - Wreckage on traffic cones?
Showoff - Drift + Pass
Sideswipe - Drift + Wreckage
Slingshot - Draft + Pass
Threading the Needle - Pass + Near Miss + Near Miss
Trashman - Wreckage on (urban items?)
Triple Pass - Pass + Pass + Pass
Wrecking Ball - Wreckage + Wreckage + Wreckage. (may have a minimum speed. Drive head on. Bushes work best.)
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Landscaping : Wreckage of 3 items (fences, bushes) at once
Trashman : hit a grabage can
Drift Tab : Boink the end of your car into something while drifting and continuing to drift