Question on FM6 Ultimate Edition / Early Access [13:01 UTC Sept 10th]

According to the german Xbox store, the game’s release is Sep. 18th (I guess the whole EU gets the game then).
But there is one thing I don’t understand. The description reads:
The game can be downloaded earlier from Xbox Live but is is playable on launch day at 1 p.m. UTC (freely -but correct- translated).

So can I download it on Sep. 10th but play it first on Sep. 18th? Or can I download AND play it on Sep. 10th?
(Forza’s news site isn’t clear here, either - I only got to know that the DLCs will be available at the “normal” launch)

So what exactly is my “early access” I bought here?

You can start playing September 10th.


The American launch (sep 15?) is a few days earlier than the European launch (sep 18).
Will Europeans who have bought the Ultimate Edition get to play the game on the 10th like Amerca, or will it skip five days ahead, counting from the 18th?

Members who have pre-ordered via a digital download will get to the play the game on the date listed in the Xbox Marketplace description for that region. Do not anticipate availability based on the North American release if your purchase agreement states otherwise.

Just checked the Marketplace description.
The 10th it is. :slight_smile:

Will the Ultimate Edition also include all Pre-order bonus cars from other retailers? — Would be a huge plus for all the longtime, loyal fans.

Won’t buy anything until more info is released, looks like I’m actually getting a digital copy of a game though. Here’s until the 10th.

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Sounds like all of the retail pre-order cars are just specially tuned/liveried versions of cars that are already in the base game. So that’s good.

I believe you are correct, that’s how I understood as well that you get a special liveried car for pre ordering from specific retailers but the base version of those cars will be available in the base game.

Paying a premium to play the game is ridiculous. If the game is out and ready for play why do poorer people have to wait longer. This is very poor Microsoft/Turn 10.
This is a worrying trend for gaming as a whole. EA are doing this already with their pass. Now other games are joining in.
We are having to pay extra to play the game on release day.

You are actually paying extra to play the game early. That’s why it’s called early access. Ms and T10 announced the games “proper” release date to be on Sept. 15th for NA. You are not having to pay a premium to play the game. You can still play the game buying the standard version on release day.


Probably it is already been anwered and/or might seem just a stupid question, but i’m going to ask anyway: does the early access grant us full access for the game days early or is it just a timed access to the game itself?

I’m asking this because the same label of “Early Access” is used by EA for EA Access games, wich is just a 6 hours trial of the full game, and you end up waiting anyway for the game to release.


If you buy the Ultimate edition, you get access to the full game on Sept 10th instead of Sept 15th/18th depending on where you’re at in the world. It’s NOT a trial.

Ok thanks! I just wanted to be sure it’s not going to be time limited. :wink:

I HOPE this clears it up more. What we are playing right now as an Ultimate Player is the game demo from this years E3. On 9\10 we get access to the whole game, front to back, side to side and everything in-between. That is what you $100 is paying for, along with all the money, the cars, and free VIP and so on. Plus we are getting one of the best sounding, screen shooting, and color projecting car sims ever made. Few games ever get my wow, this while playing the demo, is a 100% WOW. Enjoy.


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I saw that the ultimate edition when pre ordered will include an early access . For how long will this last and is it possible for me to pre order the game in august lets say and still get the early access with everything included in the ultimate edition ?

This article suggests early access comes from owning the Ultimate edition not for preordering it.

Obviously if you buy it after the date you will not get early access.

In short I think there is no date limit based on this article.

Can we stop calling it Early Access and call it what it really is, Early Release.


If you want the early release, you can pre order the Ultimate edition and get the pre order bonuses up until Sept 10th. You will still receive the pre order bonuses up until the 15th/18th, but IMO,there’s no sense in waiting until the 15th to pre order the Ultimate edition since you get the early release as a bonus.

Started using “early release” DUST2DEATH :slight_smile:

The greater plan here, is to get people to buy digital, and not physical.

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