Question: How can I paint the Unimog shell?

I have found a number of designs painted on Unimog stock shell.
However, when I actually paint it, it reflects only on the thumbnail and I can’t see it in paint mode or photo mode.
And I saw a screenshot of a painted shell at other forum.
These livery obviously are so complicated that they seem to be painted while checking the design reflected in the shell.

Is there a way to paint Unimog shell?
(And if there is a way to paint it) is it a way to be available on all platforms of Xbox One, Xbox One X, PC?

I found a way to paint Unimog shell.
Just to change the body color to oem white. (Rightmost color)

This is similar to the Twin Mill engine and Bone Shaker skull.
This white color is a special color with an area that can be painted on the shell. Once you select this color, you can keep this setting even if you change the body color.
(However, please don’t choose other oem color)

This technique can also be used with Unimog which has already purchased with another body color.
I hope this post will help other painters in the Forza community.

Great! Thanks for that. Only area I can’t seem to cover is the front of the canopy. All the rest can be painted with vinyls.

Many thanks, useful tip, I’ll watch out for it in other vehicles.

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Note that it won’t work unless the paint is being started from scratch… In other words, you can’t have vinyls on it, then change the paint to OEM White to make the vinyls appear. Erase all, delete the Livery, then paint OEM White, THEN put vinyls on it.

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