Question from complete newbie to this franchise... Why no custom image uploads?

So I recently got Forza Horizon 5 through Game Pass, which is my first time properly playing a Forza game, and before getting to play it, I already saw some of the cool design people added to their cars, and thought that the game would have a feature that allows for custom images to get uploaded to the game, which apparently isn’t possible, and that all the cool designs are actually made within the editor.

So, I was wondering… Why wouldn’t they let users upload custom images to the game?

I mean, yeah one might say, to avoid people from uploading inappropriate stuff, though I’d say with this being an Xbox Game Studios game, the resources for a proper filtering & reporting system should be there, shouldn’t it?

And, to use a different franchise of games as an example, that lets their userbase do this, is for example the WWE 2K Series of games. In which it is possible to upload custom imagery from your computer to their website, and then download it from their servers within your game. And that was possible ever since WWE 2K15, their first Xbox One/PS4 game. Only on the Xbox 360/PS3 games, you were forced to draw logos yourself within the game. Which people did back then, but the devs realized that there is a more feasible way of doing this, so they did.

And I can’t imagine it being a license issue either… Because other games, like the WWE 2K ones manage to do it as well. People could upload any movie’s, show’s, band’s, game’s or even other wrestling promotion’s logos, designs, etc., etc. into the game, and that was never an issue either.

And people recreate licensed stuff anyway.

Or has it something to do with image resolution? Have they tried it, but realized, you’d need huge jpg/png files, in order for this to work & actually look good, so instead they just went with this option?

Have Forza’s devs ever addressed this? Is this a 100% total no-go for them? Or will they ever implement such a feature, but simply didn’t get the chance to do so yet?

Because as cool as the stuff some people are creating in this game is, and I really appreciate it that people would go through the hassle of creating such amazing artworks, with this tool. But shouldn’t the people responsible for this game know that not everyone is able to create such artworks? And that basically users are forced to rely on either doing it themselves, which not everyone can, or having to hope others might do it, which given the amount of work that goes into it from what I’ve seen, you can’t just expect people to make the exact design you would like to have.

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Because its not possible. Everybody would use whatever image the want for starters, leading to many many problems, right issues and bans.

Also, not a single racing game have this “feature” for the reasons above. Some games have modding possibilities where you can do whatever you want, literally, but not forza.

Actually, live for speed had this in early 2000s. So many photorealistic titties…
But it’s not the main issue actually. When in forza - anyone can make a livery, in LFS - only people who are good enough with photoshop and have photoshop can do that.

I saw something that there are 10 million players on this game. If this feature was added PGG/T10 would have to have a team of folks to literally check every single design for inappropriate stuff. And since when a design is shared, all that is seen is the thumbnail - can’t see the other side or the back, they would have to download every single design, apply to car, look over the whole thing very closely. The amount of time that would go into that would never be worth it. Plus you’d have tons of kids getting bans from Creative Hub and then not wanting to play or come back for future Forza games. It’s a whole can of worms that would be opened if they allowed import of images. The fact they don’t, makes me respect the painters in these games even more, especially those folks who can do realism.

Google copyright infringement. As a graphic designer I’d love to import my own work, but 12 year old booger pickers don’t understand copyright laws. And since the game is marketed for said 12 year olds, they can’t allow uploads of custom work because said 12 year olds would steal copyrighted images from Google.

Because trolls will absolutely troll with some of the most vile and controversial stuff out there.

Here’s a throwback many of the OGs on here will remember.

and here’s a more recent post which the Forza team responded to.

I hope FH5 has appropriate safe guards against sending controversial liveries via the random gifting system they have right now.

Because they have enough problems with hateful bigots, racists, sexists, and transphobes as it is. Recreating brand logos bit by bit is one thing, and not likely to lead to lawsuits, but literally allowing people to upload straight up copyrighted images would be a legal minefield the likes of which Microsoft would not survive.

And why exactly would it be a legal minefield because of copyrighted images for Microsoft?

Again, other gaming franchises, like the WWE 2K, and I just checked, even the NBA 2K games, allow it. You can upload any kind of imagery that is appropriate, into the game. So it would be a legal minefield for Microsoft to put it into Forza, but it’s totally okay & not an issue at all for WWE, NBA, 2K & TakeTwo? And technically you’d have to add Microsoft to this group as well because these games run on Xbox, and obviously, if it would be a total no-go for Microsoft, then they wouldn’t green lit let these companies allow them to implement such a feature in a game, running on their platform.

And trust me, company’s like WWE can be nitpicky about & have issues with copyright as well… For example, if wrestlers have copyrighted logos tattooed on them, WWE isn’t allowed to use them, and 2K either have to completely remove those from the character models, or use knockoff versions of these tattoos, and even tattoo artists have gotten into legal disputes with them. Yet, if a user would recreate such a wrestler, that sports such a tattoo. No problem at all for them to put it on him. I’ve been playing the WWE games for over 10 years, and I never once heard a story of a user, or the companies responsible getting into trouble for, for example recreating someone like CM Punk, and actually giving him his proper Pepsi & GI Joe Cobra logo tattoos.

And sure, Forza has a huge player base on Xbox… But what is even larger than that is the actual number of Xbox users. And we can upload whatever kind of image that we want, and use it as a profile picture. So obviously Microsoft has the means to get rid of inappropriate imagery, if someone would dare to upload, let’s say a swastika as their profile picture. And copyrighted imagery clearly doesn’t seem to be an issue for them, there… I’ve been using copyrighted imagery, that obviously isn’t owned by Microsoft, as my profile pictures, for years. Never once have I gotten any kind of warning for that.

Like, don’t get me wrong, I totally get this logic, but this is also a huge double standard, to allow a feature like this for other games on Xbox, yet not for this one.

because who do graphics with the livery editor would have lost many hours doing that! too easy just upload an image and then put in the car…