Question for Turn 10

Why are F1 cars even possible in a drift lobby?

You are only helping wreckers in their mission, which is ******* people over in a drift lobby… Do you remember the times when players didn’t have this problem? I’m sure you do, and I’m sure you know what game we played back then…

Come on Turn 10, a simple patch removing all F1 cars, Le Mans cars and such in these lobbies would help us so much. This sickens me so much, I’m trying one match and then I just quit…


The game has private lobbies for a reason. If you want to drift with your friends then do so in a private lobby and send invites. Do not attempt to have a drift session in a public lobby in a game where the main objective is circuit racing and then complain that people want to circuit race. There are ways to successfully have a very fun time drifting in Forza Motorsport 6 and the fact that you fail to use them is not the developer’s fault. In that regard, the game has many ways o enjoy circuit racing properly and it’s sad that there are those who would intentionally join a designated drift lobby ( or any lobby) with the sole intent of ruining the fun of others. If you don’t want to drift then there is no reason you should find yourself in a drift lobby.

— When you chose to play in public lobbies, whether they be designated A, B, C Hoppers, drivetrain specific, class specific, or driving style specific, you always run the risk of people joining and not playing “by the rules” if you will. There is little you can do about this except report, block, and move on. Eventually they will get what they have coming in the form of a ban due to not complying to the rules. As always, the best is to play sessions with like minded folks in private lobbies.


That post was very disrespectful and unnecessary and your counter argument was even more stupid, did you even bother to actually read his post?


Could not agree more!

IMHO the purpose of these forums is to be able to discuss and raise issues, problems, things of interest to other racers, float ideas, suggestions and so on

The private lobby counter is also getting rather tiring. It’s not a sensible or realistic solution for the vast majority of gamers and creates new problems.

I (like many others) pay for xbox live and a major feature of this service is meant to be matchmaking. That means automagically grouping suitable people together from around the globe no matter the time of day or night.

If i wanted the hassle of having to queue up a specific time with a bunch of friends just to race online then i wouldnt see the value in paying a yearly fee for xbox live, the only other tangible thing it provides is “games for gold” and that doesn’t quite cut it for me.

Running with the notion of only using private lobbies though, it would get rather boring always racing the same set of people - not to mention that if you heavily stick only to private lobbies how would you ever stumble across other like minded racers to build up a friend list to be able to have decent private lobby races anytime?

If the answer to that is you have to brave the harsh outlands that is public lobbies at least sometimes, then fantastic, welcome to the part of the discussion where a constructive solution to the problems of public lobbies can be discussed… like the absence of different lobbies for drifters beyond the whopping 2 available now.

One easy solution would be having addional drift lobbies, one for each class. Why oh why T10 are you refusing to do this despite so many fans screaming for it… likewise for drag, endurance and beggining racing.


Why would I do that when I have the Unlimited Drift RWD hopper?

That’s why I join the public Drift hoppers, to meet like minded players!

Did you even read my post?


It’s Unlimited, therefore there are no limits to what RWD car you can choose.

As others have suggested, try to find a Private meetup if you want something more structured.


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The OP has a fair point. P class and X class have no place in a drift lobby, they are full on race cars. They should be removed from drift hoppers.

And PPidrive that was hardly the right way to treat another forum member. It was inappropriate and discrimination/bullying. There was no need to call the OP an idiot, you’ve been on this forum long enough, I would have expected better manners from you


I would hardly call it discrimination or bullying. Other than that one post and the fact that’s they are a drifter I know nothing about the OP nor was that repeated, unwanted, actions that make the OP feel unsafe. It was a single action that as you said was inappropriate and hardly a way to treat a forum member, that you are right.

FireGhoulAlpha, my apologies in regard to my initial response.

Let’s have a more reasonable discussion regarding the issues in public lobbies. This isn’t the first time this has been discussed ere and it surely won’t be the last. We’ve all seen how much (or how little) Turn 10 seems to care at this stage. Drifting is an even smaller part of what they do than racing and they don’t care about the racers, why would they care about the drifters?

What OP is bringing up is also not unique to drifting lobbies but happens in some regard in most public lobbies from time to time. The way to deal with that cannot lie solely on the developer. In that regard, pure racecars do not belong in drifting so a step could be taken to block them from having access in much the same way that P class cars do not belong in a B Class lobby and are thus blocked.

— There is a vote to kick option and while it does not appear to everyone, if someone is being generally unruly you can discuss over the chat headset to kick them and if the lobby is in agreement they will get kicked when half + 1 of the people vote to kick. Then you report and block.

— You can also make a note of their gamertag and if you see them in a lobby before it starts, leave. Find a new public lobby and save the trouble.

Perhaps, with the direction things are going Turn 10 could focus the game more towards drifters and see how it affects their sales. Sure, they’d lose some people but isn’t anything worth the chance now that they’ve come this far?

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That is presuming the chat is working enough so that you can even communicate with some of the folks in the lobby. I’ve yet to see that happen and I’ve had the game since day 1.

The other thing with setting up a private lobby - is that once you do, there is no way to “save” the lobby settings. For example, several friends and I play a variant of cat and mouse known as shepherds. To set the lobby up appropriately requires several adjustments in the lobby settings. In FM4, you could save the settings. Then, from that point forward, anytime you wanted to make a shepherd lobby you could simply start a lobby, load the lobby settings that you had saved, and be good to go.

Sadly, this feature is missing now - and it’s a pain to have to set the lobby up every single time. Several in the group that I play with enjoy the game, but have no idea how to set the lobby up. So, if certain people within that group aren’t online - no shepherd lobby.

Discrimination has many forums (Unequal treatment of a group or class, in this case drifters) and it was bullying (Calling the OP an idiot doesn’t count as bullying?).

I was going to quote your own post to prove a point but you have since edited it. So I am going to leave it there

A very fair point indeed, an S14 drift car versing GT3 race cars is not going to blast around the track and give everyone a DNF. In fact this situation is more compare-able to the glitch that happened on the weekend that allowed any class to enter the leagues regardless of the restrictions. The problem was fixed withing a day, but people who like to drift in the public ‘drift hoppers’ like the OP, have had to put up with this crap for the last six years, and then when someone tries to bring up the problem here they are belittled by other forum members because its a ‘racing’ game. Pathetic if you ask me.

I wasn’t aware there were public drift lobbies, as I don’t do much public multiplayer besides the leagues. Perhaps that is the reason for some of the initial confusion, as others may have been unaware as well. My initial thought was the same, use private lobbies. Since there apparently is a public drift lobby, then the OP is spot on. Those who have no intention of drifting or using cars normally associated with that discipline shouldn’t be there.

That said, there was a video posted in the WIR a couple weeks back featuring an F1 car drifting. This may have inspired some of this behavior. Maybe if those players communicated with the rest of the lobby better, a good time could be had by all.


I don’t think that video had anything to do with it. People have been doing it for a long while now, I remember seeing it when i dabbled in drifting back in forza 3. While i agree that p and x cars shouldnt even be allowed in the drift hoppers. It honestly doenst matter what car you ban from these lobbies even if it is anything below r class someone can just as easily hop in a race built gt3 and get around the track quickly and cut everyones experience down to a short 1 lap run where everyone dnf’s.

Im not sure there is a good answer to this. If you get rid of the end of race timer, there will be the one guy who just keeps driving around while everyone else is sitting there waiting for him to finish, but u could put like a 10 minute end of race timer. This would still be annoying while sitting in lobby, but would allow everyone who wants to finish the ability to finish even if someone did just quickly race around the track, but that person could still make people wait 10 minutes between lobbies. Best of luck op.

Ah, understood PTG. I’m not a big fan of drifting myself, so I’m unfamiliar with the specific lobby play involved.

As to your second paragraph, I think we all know there is no real solution. Try as they might, no one can stop those who are intent on being bung holes and ruining others games. The best option was probably the CPL’s, but for whatever reason they are gone and not likely to return. (And please let’s not start a big rant on that subject as it will probably only get the thread locked)

It’s sad because I’m in the same boat myself. I work nights, so I’m not on when most of my friends are. It would be nice to be able to enjoy some live racing with others in the lobbies, but most of the time it’s just frustrating at the least. I have been having some fun in the ghost leagues though. It’s not the same but it’s better than nothing.