[Question] FH4 start with gray screen after logo splashed.

Device: Xbox one X
NAT: all access
My tv : SONY KD-55X8566F (support 4K UHD and HDR 10)
Problem performance:

When i started FH4, first show is the preview of game, then, with the turn10 and microsoft logo splashed. Then, xbox play the nice bgm but no video, just a whole gray screen. My device can run other games perfectly exclude FH4

What operations I have made:

  • I restarted my xbox, no effect!
  • I uninstalled FH4 and installed again with microsoft store updated, no effect!
  • I plucked the power adapter and pulgged it after 45 seconds, no effect!
  • I restarted my xbox with recover mode, I selected “restore factory settings with keep applications”, no effect!
  • I changed my xbox DNS with “” - “”, no effect!
  • I disconnect the network, then start FH4, no effect!

Thx for any help, what should i do to resolve this problem?