Question about tunes..where they are and ability to see what you have,

Hi all…like the header says, is there anyway to keep track if who’s tunes you have downloaded? I can’t find anyway to see the tunes when I am at the setup screen. Is there anyway to see someone’s shared tunes? Or is it just pick a car, search the creator for that and load/use it if there is one? There are a couple people here whose tunes have made the game great for me as I try to figure out the tuning AND remove the last of my assists! So I would love to see a list of their shared tunes but I don’t believe its possible. If there is a way please let me know and thanks for all the help so many have given here!

Correct, pick car, search for tune!

You can also search this site for the creator to see if the person has a thread with the tunes listed.

Good luck!

If u follow the creator it helps as well because his tunes will be in the front of the line

That was my question I forgot to ask…what benefit is there to following the creator!