Question about sharing designs/payouts.....

Here’s the progression, follow along…

  1. I create a paint for a friend

  2. I share the design, they download it

  3. I ‘unshare’ the design once they have it (to keep others from using their custom paint)

…will I still get credit for the number of races it’s been used? Or do I need to keep it ‘shared’?


I am going to take a guess that you will not get credit, but not because of the reasons you are expressing. My understanding of the system is that you will need a multitude of gamers downloading and using your livery in order to receive any credits in the first place. If I am correct, one download from your friend and that friend being the only one racing with it will do you no good.

It says when you unshare it you will no longer get credits for it. :frowning:

yep, both the previous replies are correct. 1 person using it(unless they drove a ridiculous amount with that paint) isnt enough to get paid, and unsharing it does remove your ability to get paid.

Unless your friend uses that car in 150 races a day minimum you won’t get paid, so I doubt you’re losing anything by unshareing it.