Question about saves

Hello There,

I just bought the game pass on my pc.

I have forza horizon 4 retail version (not digital) on xbox one and I have the 2 expansions .
So my question is :
If I download FH4 on my Pc from game pass will it have all my save data or it will start a new game save data???

Ps: Assuming that fh4 on pc will have my saves from my xbox one, if I download only the main game on my pc and not the 2 expansions will it work???

Looking forward to read your answers!!!
Thank you very much for your time.


it is a playanywhere title.
so you can swap playing between xbox and pc without losing your progress.
you cant play with your gamertag on both systems at the same time. but you can jump from one system to the other after closing the game (recommandation: wait 1-2 minutes, so FH4 can sync the data).

all DLC is available on both systems. if you own the expansion and car pack you can use them on both systems.

have fun!

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Thank you very much!!!